Suzuki Biplane

Building a Model

The most basic project you can do involves building a model of a known biplane design. For example, you might encourage students to replicate the Wright brothers’ biplane model. You can provide them with various materials, from foam boards and toothpicks to craft sticks or pieces of cardboard.

Show them how to label each of the parts with small adhesive notes or with labels taped to toothpicks.

History Report

You can also take the historical approach to a biplane project by instructing students to research various aspects of how the biplane was developed and how it changed over the years. In fact, even before the Wright brothers’ historic flight, gliders used the biplane design.

Divide students into groups and encourage them to research different topics on biplane history, such as the early gliders, the Wright biplane, the years that the biplane fell into disfavor, and the place of biplanes in the entertainment industry today. Students can then write an article together similar to what may have appeared in a newspaper during the time period they are researching.

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Suzuki Biplane

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Suzuki Biplane
Suzuki Biplane
Suzuki Biplane

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