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Smallest Harley Davidsons


The small two-stroke motorcycles that Harley-Davidson manufactured in Milwaukee between 1948 and 1966 are often collectively (though inaccurately) referred to as Harley Hummers. There was actually only one Hummer model — a 125 cc bike made from 1955 to 1959. Other models included the Scat, Pacer, Ranger, Super 10, 125 and 165.

The 125, with a 125 cc, three-horsepower engine, was introduced in 1948, and through the next two decades, improvements such as hydraulic front suspension and sprung rear suspension, along with a larger 165 cc engine, were added to the line. The Ranger and Pacer were equipped with a 175 cc engine and were produced through 1965.


In 1960, Harley-Davidson bought a controlling stake in the Italian company Aermacchi, and began importing the company’s 250 cc motorcycles in 1961. The Aermacchi bikes were given Harley badges and called the Sprint. The Sprint acquired a 350 cc engine in 1969, which it kept until the line was discontinued in 1974.

Harley ceased production of the American-built small bikes in favor of the Italian models in 1967.

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