KTM 990 Adventure

FI (Fuell Injection) Issues:

There is much debate around the FI system on a bike this size. At very low speeds, tight U-turning, Riverbed navigation, rocks, and anywhere slow – the throttle can be extremely sensative and jerky, and the bike has the tendency to launch forward, and throw your balance off, especially if you standing up – which you mostly are at very slow tricky speeds.

The solution: – use a bit of clutch, it will prevent the jerking and stalling.

Seat Comfort:

The 990 Adventure is Very comfortable standard gel seat, and perfectly narrow close to the tank, making stand up riding equally comfortable. With a pillion ride the slightly raised section allows the pillion to have comfort without sliding forward under heavy breaking.

With a full tank of fuel, the bike weighing around 230kg, and rider 98kg, the bike felt surprisingly agile. The dominant riding position, with widely spaced bars and footrests allows you to lever the bike around with very little effort.

Wind Protection:

The standard fearing provides ample wind protection, an extention would be better for long trips at higher speeds.

Off Road Handling:

The KTM 990 was of designed to handle the off road. the superior 210mm travel WP-USD(Up Side Down) suspension in front and fully adjustable WP-PDS in the rear, allows for hard riding in the toughest of conditions. The 990 will handle just about anything you throw at it.

Road Handling:

Its rare to find an off road bias motorcycle like the 990 with road handling of this level. The 990 Adventure can be a bit heavy if you suddenly need to switch from a left hander into a right. You need to muscle the bike around and use your body weight with determination.

The 990 Adventure has the agility of an enduro bike

If you are an experienced rider and have the ability to show her who is boss, the 990 Adventure will deliver the results and respond like an enduro bike. I was riding with a full tank of fuel, and I weigh 98kg – so that’s around 328kg all up – and the bike still performed well in the wet patches. But you have to be in charge !

The all round comfort for long distance, great wind protection, and addition of the FI fuel injection system to the LC8 engine is fantastic. Fuel economy is gauged at around 330km on a full tank, but if you ride conservatively 400km is attainable. The weight distribution, steering, suspension and impressive new ABS brakes have clearly been thought out well and combine to give a neutral, un-fussed, do as you fancy type of ride that inspires both confidence and sheer enjoyment.

Put simply, the 990 Adventure is one of the most inspirational bikes out there that just makes you want to ride all day long and anywhere you like.

General Opinion:

The KTM 990 Adventure is insanely agile for a bike of its size (209kg), if you are a more seasoned adventure rider and not afraid to play, you will be suitable impressed with how she handles both on road and in the dirt. I would have preferred a TKC tyre on the rear, givin the wet conditions, but the standard Pirelli Scorpions handled the mud and sand satisfactorily. On tar the 990 adventure feels and handles like a road bike – much like the Duke, KTM’s road sibling.

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