Suzuki GSX 1100 F
Suzuki GSX 1100 F

Specifications of a 1989 Suzuki GSX 1100F

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Dimensions and Capacities

The 1989 Suzuki GSX 1100F is a heavy motorcycle, weighing 585 pounds. The bike is 86.8 inches long, 30.1 inches wide and 50.8 inches high. The wheelbase measures 60.4 inches, resulting in a 1.44:1 weight to wheelbase ratio. The 31.3-inch seat is positioned 5.1 inches off the ground.

The bike is equipped with a 5.55-gallon fuel tank.


According to, the 1989 model of the GSX 1100F has improved suspension that is more stable at high speeds, compared to the previous model. In terms of the suspension, the Suzuki engineers added a rear shock reservoir, made the engine rubber-mounted and introduced a longer swing arm to aid staight-line stability. The 1989 GSX 1100F features a heavy steel double cradle frame with backbone spars and front and rear fork springs.


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Suzuki GSX 1100 F

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Suzuki GSX 1100 F
Suzuki GSX 1100 F
Suzuki GSX 1100 F
Suzuki GSX 1100 F
Suzuki GSX 1100 F
Suzuki GSX 1100 F
Suzuki GSX 1100 F
Suzuki GSX 1100 F

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