Suzuki RE 5 Rotary

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510danr: diamond lanes back then?

adam3176: Step one. ride the rotary bike. Step two Light up a killer smoke. step three get back on the rotary bike and Ride with old 60s crap music that makes you puke in the helmet

Jan6090: I would never trust that guy. He looks just like a member of SPECTRE. If you showed up in that suit today people would be rolling in the ground with laughter!

allmoto: Thanks for putting it up — a wonderful bit of history. Guy Allen

828cc: How about that very 70s two piece suit! Love it. )

Oldbmwr100rs: Remember, when this bike went on sale Honda just released the GL 1000 gold wing. Kawasaki had the KZ, and Yamaha was trying to market their crap XS 750 twin,which was a disaster. All wasn’t lost for Suzuki though, the developments they worked on to improve the rotary were licensed by Mazda to fix some of their durability issues, and Suzuki did end up making money.

It’s said that each RE-5 cost around $20K when they went out of production though.

2Jeff4Gordon: Where have we’ve seen this suit before? hmm.

felixfatfunk: Sorry for the delay, no but it was general knowledge in those days when smoking was hip. The same applied for most of the two strokes as well. Remember the kwaka KH triples middle cylinder seizure? felixfatfunk

S3NOLSAN: They release the identity of The Stig in this video. His blond and he smokes.

SpankyBebo: If they only knew at the time that all they had to do was turbocharge it it would’ve been the fastest bike ever made at the time. lol

thrummer1953: Shame this technology faded away.

ZetaGouki: Rotary engines have a Oil Metering Pump, at least they do in the Mazda variants, that spit oil into the combustion chamber. It is possible to, and some people do, block this OMP and run pre-mix.

tremer88: mmm cigarettes and rotary

cobbykettle: That was worse music than the first half lol, glad to see the whole film`s still around. We had one as a demonstrator at Rafferty Newman`s, it was used by everyone and never let us down. Prefer my GT750 though, i love the smoke, sound and look better, the RE5 was a bit too space age looking for me.

felixfatfunk: Any Vids on the GT Suzuki’s i wonder, when two stroke smokers where the kings of the non ‘PC’ world. I am biased as i have stable (or would that be a scream) of two strokes any other fans?

BigAgitator: That music was DISGUSTING lmao. A great design. too bad they couldn’t improve its fuel economy and continue production.

2000toddowen: Great video. Another splendid youtube history lesson. Nice to see the engineers and production behind the 1970’s Suzuki’s. Very bold steps to produce the RE5.

felixfatfunk: Groovy man, until 20,000 miles and bang thats what i remember

superhitchy: wankl-licious!

rgion29247616: I do not know why Suzuki having developed this rotary engine did not adopt an autombile engine for their cars? Possibly licensing agreements between NSU, Mazda, and Suzuki. I do remember driving the RX8 rotary engine car from Mazda at the time.

Nothing was as smooth as that engine almost like a turbine. It was really something to have experienced.

jsupra: although they’re rare I want me one of those RE5’s

felixfatfunk: The RE5 is not a two stroke i just used the example of the sports machines of the era where mainly two stroke and had short life spans. Mainly due to the technology of the time. The rotary is nearer a two stroke than a four but with out the need for extra oil in the mix for the crank/cylinder lubrication.

lumpythefish: Oh dear. i don’t know what that guy was smoking but now he’s driving on the wrong side of the road

ZetaGouki: It wasn’t common knowledge, it was common misconception.

Jerram89: some classic Hammond B3 Soprano Sax here

SupraCelica98: you had one?

tryhardparrot: A young Stig for sure.

renestgo: Quiet powerful and flowing smoothly mmaaannnn

r338u4t: seriously freaking awesome vid where the crap did you dig this up

costiantinos: 0:03 .The Stig

SupraCelica98: ok gotcha, thanks for clearin that up buddy

Parag0n: at 2:00 is that the same highway Nissan filmed the skyline HR30 / R31 advertisements?

SupraCelica98: is the re500 really a 2-stroke engine, i kno that since technicaly its not a piston and can have 4 strokes but i thought that the motor didnt need a fuel oil mix to burn. that it was oiled using some other method. if 2 stroke is correct, than does that mean that rx-7(mazda) are also 2 stroke?

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