Aprilia SR Max 125


Despite his style and qualities, the Gilera Nexus 125 was never really worried about the Yamaha X-Max, king of the 125 GT. Political group supporting the Italian scooter is now in the range Aprilia brand known for its sport bikes and experience in Superbike. Will this be enough sufficient to do better than the Nexus?

Scooter-Station meets you!

Within the Piaggio group, synergies at full capacity. After all, why not?

If a model is known for its qualities, but he ends up losing momentum in sales, why not give it a second chance under a different banner, with a look again? Also, in these times of uncertainty, where the market does it twirls prosperous, developing a real novelty is as costly as risky for manufacturers. This certainly explains it!

Thus the ranks of the group trans in 2012, the Piaggio Typhoon will be available at Aprilia SR Motard under the name. The Aprilia Sportcity One is at the Derbi Variant Sport and Aprilia, the Gilera GP 800 appears in the form of a sleek SRV 850. But in 2011, the first scooter to benefit from this new policy platform is the Gilera Nexus.

Today it is available in the Aprilia range, named SR MAX. Available in 125 and 300 cm3, with the last injection engines of the Italian group, the sportier GT of the segment (with the Yamaha X-Max) adopt a new dress in perfect harmony with its sleeker style.

Driving position unusual

To highlight its taut lines, a bit aggressive, Aprilia has opted for expensive color to the house of Noale. Red or white body, black for the “rocker” forms of SR MAX are better highlighted than in the Gilera range.

Otherwise, nothing has changed. Installation on the saddle of the SR MAX reminds us of the sensations aboard the Gilera Nexus. The seat is high-pitched (815 mm), which is not right for small jigs, and the bars placed low enough, forcing drivers to take a large position in which the upper body is slightly tilted forward.

It breathes the sport already!

Otherwise, control ergonomics is good and the vision of the dashboard above reproach.

Despite a wide central tunnel, there is enough room on the floor, even for large sizes. With the extension of this section for amounts less feet on the deck, we can easily extend the legs, the heel well cushioned by a slight return of plastic. In this position, ankles driver is coiled against the hot air extractors, while providing a slight warming of course, but still significant to the dull season.

One can imagine that with an apron, the specificity of the Aprilia SR MAX will maintain a temperature of the entire lower body.

Free from vibrations, mechanics snorts in a sound acceptable. Thanks to electronic fuel injection, the throttle response is instantaneous. In a flash, the cylinder will hold the 8000 r / min and the craft took off with progression, but effective. During this phase, the block will then show more noisy, but nothing unbearable so far, do not worry.

And finally, we say that the sound goes well with the image of the scooter GT / sport.

While in town, the engine proved to be effective on the fast axis, both for its times that his reach, measured at 114 km / h (130 km / h on the clock). And as the SR MAX has a remarkable ride, it is without the slightest apprehension that is navigated at high speed. A curve profile.

With its architecture favoring a fairly high center of gravity and mass refocused forward, the Aprilia SR MAX encourages then to play the biker in the taking of angles. It then drives more leads than we do.

Aprilia SR Max 125

Not the most handy at the stop

Petri quality in terms of dynamics, however, he criticized a front brake missing teeth. Fortunately, the second rear disc perfectly. Side suspensions, no problem: whether at the fork or shock, you feel a firmness necessary to serve the precision and quality at the same time in terms of absorption providing good comfort.

The passenger was treated with every respect. It has indeed independent footrests, equipped with small rubber inserts to ensure its support, as well as large handles very accessible. But end up with a guest on the saddle Urban can sometimes be problematic.

The SR MAX is heavy, it shines evil, shot during maneuvers at a standstill or low speed, vigilance is required.

Sportier than the Yamaha. but less versatile

As with the Nexus, which is of course the catalog Gilera, Aprilia we find this the most solid alternative to Yamaha X-Max in terms of sportiness.

However, the SR MAX is less versatile and less convenient than the Yam ‘. Certainly informed his chest is equipped with a 12V socket, but there are only one full house and various trinkets.

The storage compartment on the front is reduced to its simplest expression. We appreciate his side protection, but its very plunging front preserves least upper body. Still, the Aprilia 125 is cheaper than the Yamaha. Sold € 3,899, its price is a strong argument, to build quality and finish comparable.

Sport-GT 125 of Noale seems a promising future.

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