Triumph Trophy 1200

Test Triumph Trophy 1200 SE 2013: Devourer of BMW R1200RT?

On a segment excessively dominated by BMW R1200RT. Triumph launches its news Trophy 1200. A GT barded of top-of-the-range equipment, driven by the 3-cylinders of the Tiger Explorer placed in a part cycles new for the firm of Hinckley.

But is the English flagship armed to overcome the Bavarian cuirassier and to worry the category? First brief replies on the small roads of Highlands…

Triumph Trophy 1200 SE 2013: First test

St Andrews, Scotland. With a hundred kilometers in North East of Edinburgh, in this morning of the beginning of September, the sun floods the stronghold of the kilt golfers. Nice: not Scottish shower at the horizon!

What is rather reassuring for your servant invited to the international presentation of the last innovation of the firm of Hinckley very waited Triumph Trophy 1200 2013.

Because to take the measurement of its new motor bike GT cut – inter alia – for the long journey, the English concocted us a at the very least exceptional rolling: a layout of more than 400 km, of which the major part will be carried out in the middle of Cairngorms Park National, the famous buttresses of Highlands Scot.

Not less than 400 terminals of minor roads, between plain and assembly, it is long! But the installation on board Triumph Trophy 1200 2013 reveals from the start a position of well thought control, of good omen to cut down kilometer without finishing on the kneecaps. In the presence of the bags of 31 liters and a base culminating to 820 mm of the ground (its highest position), it is necessary well to raise the leg to take seat with the handlebar, but once in saddle of this top-of-the-range WP, one feels already a comfort of very good level.

Reception 3 stars for Trophy 2013

If the handlebar is broad, it proves sufficiently brought back behind to offer a position of natural control, right bust. The base of the pilot, independent of that of the passenger, offers very good fondant. The light return in the back makes it possible to fix well the bottom of the back and with correctly positioned footrests, low and not too behind, the legs are just folded what it is necessary not to feel of embarrassment to the wire of the kilometers.

Lastly, the adjustable levers adapt to all sizes of hands. In short, the ergonomics offered by Triumph Trophy 1200 2013 is perfect!

Readable, the instrument panel and its broad paving stone LCD get a plethora of information. To make ravel the data of the computer of edge hardly poses problem, the left inch reaching the button “I” reserved for this use without particular difficulty. On the other hand, to regulate the height of the electric bubble or to handle the audio system is another business.

Indeed, to reach these orders the handle should be released: not brilliant and, let us acknowledge it, less better thought that on the German competitor.

On the other hand, and always from the ergonomic point of view, the news Triumph Trophy 1200 2013 marks points vis-a-vis BMW R1200RT on the level of the handling of its speed regulator, manageable of the end of the right inch while keeping the hand on the handlebar. The English one loses some at the time to actuate hazard lights, the button being placed on the instrument panel, just below screen LCD.

Downtown, it is necessary to be done with the gauge of Triumph Trophy 1200

Posed on its central crutch, one needs a skilled of kidney to bring back Triumph 1200 Trophy on the floor of Galloway, the local cows. It should be said that visually imposing, the GT English the rest handlebar in hands. Its 301 announced kg and its centre of gravity perched high encourage with prudence during the operations to the stop and up to 30 km/h.

As a result, downtown, its Germanic competitor appears obviously easier to us to take along.

On this point, the English three-cylinders have well difficulty competing with the flat twin with air, inevitably lighter and allowing a lower centre of gravity. However, for definitively slicing on the question, it will be necessary to expect the match between Triumph Trophy 1200 and BMW R1200RT, to come in the next weeks on latestbikesinfo.

But for the time being, these some “pondered difficulties” settings except for, the crossing of the Scottish small towns reveal the good performance of the transmission of the Triumph Trophy 1200 2013, which does not generate a have-blow. If it is vigorously necessary to take off of a fire or to enter quickly on gyratory, the tri cylinder can answer with plume. But he also shows flexibility when he is fixed on a higher report.

This Triumph Trophy 1200 2013 can indeed evolve under the 2,000 tr/min without stumbling less of the world, magic of the three English legs obliges. Consequently, the answer to the accelerator is always instantaneous and the vibrations remain perfectly filtered. The selection speeds is precise and the ordering of clutch shines by its softness. Large considerable points in this category of the motor bikes very disparate GT on the matter…

Flexibility and approvals, the three-cylinders ensures

Somewhat with narrow downtown, Triumph 1200 Trophy 2013 enjoys itself completely on more travelling axes. Its engine reveals its character fully there, in a typically sound Triumph. Large triple cracks with the opening and crackles slightly with deceleration, without being done too present for as much.

Triumph Trophy 1200

Passed a “wise” zone in the neighbor hoods of the 4,000 tr/min (the usual hollow of to the antipollution standards), Triumph Trophy 1200 ensures of beautiful performances, at least as impressive as those which one knows at the best multi cylinder competitors (but to confirm on next comparative). Managed by the electronic accelerator “wrinkles by wire”, the flexibility of the three-cylinder Trophy 1200 supplements a general approval impressing with the key an ideal answer to the handle.

On the fourth and fifth reports, Triumph Trophy 1200 2013 fact proof of a beautiful ardor in the last third of the beach of mode, the sporting hitchhikers should appreciate… Whereas wisest undoubtedly appreciate more 6th: admittedly, the performances appear more smoothed there, but this overdrive does not emphasize of it less a beach of impressive use. Triumph Trophy 1200 2013 gets a very effective push revealing of as much the excellence of the transmission.

The whole associated with a solid part-cycle, you will understand that it does not miss almost anything for benefits fully from these services from first order on the new English road reference. Fixed on the Sport mode of the electronic adjustment of the suspensions of our Triumph Trophy 1200 2013 SE of test, the handling do not suffer from the differences of coating, still very a good point to be confronted there later with competition under more thorough conditions… As for the consumption of Trophy 1200, it proves to be reasonable: at the end of our test, the computer indicated an average of 5.8 l/100 km.

Trophy of most comfortable the GT 2013

Thanks to its good balance, its suspensions of good invoice and its tires of quality, to put Triumph 1200 Trophy on the angle is easy. In curve, its directional stability lends with difficulty the side to criticism and one controls the fast changes rather easily, for a motor bike of this gauge obviously. The ground clearance is good.

One appreciates also the good motility, placed under monitoring of anti-skid effective but not always very transparent. On braking, even supported, Triumph Trophy 1200 2013 plunges little and preserves its plate. Powerful, braking is proportioned easily and its integral system combined ABS seemed to us perfectly parameterized during this first test.

In mode touring, the suspensions regulated on Comfort, and while rolling up on the copious couple of the GT, one benefits from a well studied protection. As for the feet and the legs, they are also ideally protected. And if Triumph Trophy 1200 looks after its pilot, it spares also its passenger, with a soft saddle, ideally positioned footrests and broad handles of maintenance.

Assessment: A serious customer under better GT 2013?

It is a first report of test but already a serious warning with competition: the year 2013 of Triumph Trophy 1200 appears to us very succeeded. The third English grinding of the GT is a sophisticated and luxurious motor bike, having an engine powerful, and stuffed approval and equipped with a very pleasant transmission. Its part-cycle is solid, and its assistances with braking as with motility on the level as of better, conferring a great feeling of safety on board Triumph Trophy 1200 2013.

Comfortable in solo or duet, new the top-of-the-range GT English is undoubtedly to date the more capable motor bike to compete with BMW R1200RT, of which it takes again the style mainly. For as much, its three cylinders on line, playing the compromise between lightest flat twin and the large four-cylinder engines (even six-cylinder car?) competitor, has also the shoulders to worry all representing them well in place of the kind.

But it will remain to confront this entire nasty bunch, as well as very expected – and announced also menaçantes – Pan European and FJR 1400 2013, to slice. For the time being, Triumph Trophy 1200 is the first innovation GT 2013 to cut down all its charts – one it saw a behavior and services of first order – like its prices: 17,250 € for the standard model already well equipped and 18,870 € for version SE with our test – equipped with the electronic adjustment with the suspensions and the radio. We imagine that the sales goals establish by Triumph France – 600 annual units, is one the third of the sales of BMW R1200RT – are realistic. Goal waits and sees…

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Triumph Trophy 1200
Triumph Trophy 1200
Triumph Trophy 1200
Triumph Trophy 1200
Triumph Trophy 1200

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