Honda Varadero 125

Development of the Honda V-2 Bigtrailbike:


Presentation of the Honda XLV 750 R . aircooled with driveshaft propulsion; ment to be an competitor for BMW’s R80 and R100 GS in the famous Paris-Dakar Ralleyraid. The bike gained some victories, but never became the sale- succesor Honda was hoping for. The bike is nowerdays very rear and may be considered as an collector’s item.

The bike was for sale in HRC- edit and Limited Edition.


Presentation of the Honda XL 600 V Transalp at the Paris Motor Salon. During 12 years of manufacturing, there are very few changes being put into the Transalp. Because of environmental restrictions, the output power was decreased from 55 to 48 hp. Also the dashboard was modernized.

This was done in 1991. In 1994, the shape of the cowling was changed. In 1997, the Transalp was fitted with the long awaited double disk break. In addition, the assembly line was transferred to Italy.

Here, the Transalp is still being produced.


The air cooled XLV 750 R is being taken out of production.

Presentation of the Honda XRV 650 Africa-Twin . The first production models being assembled, were using the Transalp frames. Also the sub-assembly is being based on the Transalp engine block. During a later stage, the cylinder volume was increased to 750 cc, also increasing the power output to 60 hp.

The Africa Twin was fitted out with a so called ‘tripmaster’, a digital devise which indicates riding times elapsed and distances covered. The present Africa Twin can only be related to the Transalp through their technical common aspects in engine blocks or sub-assemblies.

XRV750 Africa Twin, model 1998


Presentation of the Honda XL 1000 V Varadero at the international motorcycle show in Munich (Intermot). It was clear, the Varadero was an instant hit. During the following months, the Varadero was tested extensively and motorcycle journalists of all leading motoring magazines came up with nothing but positve ratings for the Varadero.

XL1000V Varadero, model 1998


The first Varadero’s appear on European roads.

A special anniversary-model of the XL600V Transalp is presented to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Honda factory in Japan.

XL600V Anniversary – The last Transalp 600

December 1999:

According to several rumors, there will be a new Transalp, after 13 years of production. The new Transalp’s engine will be based on the Honda NTV Deauville 650 and will be presented on the Bologna motorshow, in Italy.

The new ‘2000 Transalp XL650V: Mini Varadero!


The Varadero is changing colours. From the ’99 model only ‘black’ stays for sale. The ‘2000 model has been improved on several parts; most important the ground clearance, main stand (including grip) and feulconsumption.


Rumors that there will be some modifications (feul-injection, anti-block brakes and a catalistic convertor) are not true. For 2001, there are no changes, except from the fact that Honda will add their anti- theft system for standard. A big unexpected surprise is the presentation of the 125cc Mini-Varadero, with the 125cc V-twin engine of the existing Honda Shadow 125.

Starting from modelyear 2001, the Varadero is now assemblied by the Spanish Montesa factory near to Barcelona.

The city Varadero: 125cc


Production is completely done in the Spanish Honda-Montesa factory near to Barcelona, together with the XL125V and the Transalp 650. After being for sale on the Dutch market for almost 15 jears, the Dutch Honda Importer has made the decision to delete the Africa Twin out of her program. However, the Africa Twin will be for sale in most other European countries.

At the Intermot Motorcycle Exhibition in Munich, Germany, Honda now presents the new Varadero 1000: Including fuel injection, G-kat and a 6-speed gearbox. The fairing has been redesigned and there is a whole new dashboard.


Big news comming to Varadero owners and enthusiasts. After nummerous complains about the new ‘2003 model, showed at the Intermot Motorcycle Exhibition September 2002, honda presents a complete over-done new model. No changes in design, but after 2 recalls and complains about the finishing touch of the bike, the 2004 model is now optional available with Honda’s superb anti-lock brakes (as beeing used at the VFR 800i) and modified suspension.

Honda Varadero 125
Honda Varadero 125
Honda Varadero 125

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