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Last month, the German automaker Smart, revealed that their all-new electric scooter would be released in 2014. Despite making the release date public, Smart chose not to clue consumers in on any additional details. That is until now.

The company, primarily known for manufacturing microcars, has just specified several characteristics of its upcoming escooter, including its price, range, battery type, construction and tech capabilities.

The 2014 Smart Electric Scooter

Smart’s electric scooter will feature a 48-volt lithium-ion battery pack, which supplies power to a 4-kW electric motor. The scooter’s motor is a wheel-hub unit, located at the rear wheel. As for performance, Smart’s scooter will turn out approximately 5.4-horsepower.

Smart has limited the vehicle’s speed range to 28-mph so individuals without a driver’s license can still operate it. In order to power the vehicle users will have to charge the unit’s lithium-ion battery anywhere from three to five hours. A fully charged Smart electric scooter will be capable of traveling up to 60 miles.

Innovative Features

For those interested in body construction, the new escooter consists of a steel and aluminum frame. The scooter’s solid structure also comes equipped with an airbag, ABS, and Blind Spot Assist. Not commonly found on scooters, Blind Spot Assist features are typically present on luxury automobiles.

The vehicle’s breaking is controlled by one lever on the handlebar’s right side, which initiates the front hydraulic disc brake.


As is true with other Smart vehicles, the escooter will be part of the Smart e-mobility program. The e-mobility feature allows owners to integrate their escooter with their smartphone. When engaged, users’ phones can serve as a speedometer, range indicator, charge-point finder and navigation system.

The escooter’s impressive list of standard features and unique construction will set consumers back about $5,000, based on early estimates. For sake of comparison, Vespa’s 2012 line of motor scooters costs anywhere from $3,299 for the 2012 Vespa S 50 4V to $6,999 for the upscale 2012 Vespa GTV 300.

Smart eScooter


According to Smart, its forthcoming scooter will be part of the Car2go program, which presently operates in numerous North American and European cities. A subsidiary of Daimler AG, Car2go is a pioneering program designed to allow drivers to receive all the benefits of owning a car, without the high costs and annoyances. Car2go members can access a number of different vehicles by simply swiping their membership card near the car, then drive away.

When they’re finished, drivers just return the car to its designated parking space.

Smart Scooter Coming To The U.S.

Smart initially unveiled the escooter at the Paris Motor Show in September 2010. Smart also showcased its all-new electric bike at the same 2010 motor show. Like the escooter, Smart’s electric bike averages around 60 miles of range per charge.

Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, the ebike is currently only available overseas, but an updated U.S. version is due out “soon,” according to Smart.

Stay tuned for additional escooter details, including a specific release date. Also look for further information regarding the U.S. release of Smart’s ebike.

Smart eScooter
Smart eScooter
Smart eScooter
Smart eScooter

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