Vespa LX 125 Touring
Vespa LX 125 Touring


Icons segment “classic scooters,” the timeless Vespa win this year of new colors and new equipment. Thus, the Vespa LX 125i Touring switches, with racks front and rear, visually fit to carry a max!

Invitation to travel or dressing? Scooter -station answers you!

If today is a Vespa motorcycle trend, often chosen as a second vehicle and trendy urban practice, there was a time when he was the only means of transportation for families. In the postwar period, especially in Italy, many of these newly hatched wasps, traveled long distances, charge more than necessary, or even coupled to a side-car to take her companions and “bambini”.

Nod to the bygone era, Vespa Touring offers a special series of its new LX and GTS 300i 50/125ie vintage 2011-2012. Front rack and rear wind break short to ensure the minimum of protection (and perfect the style of course), specific colors: Series Touring is no lack of elegance.

Amateur scooter hull and pressed steel fork parallelogram, Scooter-Station took the handlebars of a 125i Touring LX – tint in his “land of Tuscany” please – and offers romantic scents of yesteryear.

Quality accessories

We know well the Vespa LX 125. With its light weight, the wheels 11 and 10 inches and its Lilliputian size, entry-level Italian scooter is a highly maneuverable and agile, a must for the city. Fitted with racks front and rear; it becomes a valuable auxiliary for shopping sprees.

And it finally saw, given the limited volume of its trunk under the seat (there range jet screen) and the low capacity of the glove box.

Now, urban dwellers have a carrying capacity more acceptable, almost level with the floor and 4 kg maximum load to be placed on the supports provided for this purpose. These racks are made. Their handling is simple and secure transportation, bungee cords attach easily to the chrome bars.

For the city, exclusively!

As far as the weight hanging on the racks is small, they contribute little or very little driving of the vehicle. We will not repeat here a complete topo on the dynamics of the Vespa LX 125 (for this we invite you to read his essay here): just remember that the little wasp has a single cylinder of almost 11 hp. a sufficient power for this type of scooter.

Light, the 125i Touring LX is starting off quickly in an acceleration of more regular: thank you the injection! His times are not particularly impressive, especially past 70 km / h, but in town, the Vespa “does the job” as they say.

Vespa LX 125 Touring
Vespa LX 125 Touring

However, beyond the limits of the city, it becomes less reassuring. It holds the road, but its character and its short wheelbase twirling do not really rely on speed “high” (92 km / h chrono peak) and even less on the angle. For the rest, she is quite comfortable, little power and good brakeman, at least from the front.

Attention to the wet, however: his tires, do not forgive the over-confidence.

“What’s mouth” … but what a face!

The Vespa LX 125i Touring (€ 3,749) is aimed at those looking for a scooter simple, accessible and stylish “old school”. If his luggage is an aesthetic success, do not expect to set your weekly shopping, they can accommodate only 8 kg in total. The fans have long voyage is no reason to sell their GT, especially as the Vespa is not really comfortable on highways.

We have already mentioned in our previous tests: the LX is not built for performance enthusiasts. These, if they are attached to the Italian brand, most likely will turn to the GTS. And if they permit a “large cube”, why not to the variation of the GTS 300i Touring (€ 4,840).

Finally, note that the “no-permit” fans of the Touring pack, colors and specific seat were not forgotten by Vespa: LX Touring come in effect in 50 cm3 2-stroke (€ 2710) or 4-stroke (€ 2830) …because the travel, even small, broadens the mind!

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Vespa LX 125 Touring
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