Test Vespa S 125 IE 3V 2012

Pending revolution based on the concept Quarantasei or 946. Vespa in 2012 refines the flagship models of its range 125, by grafting a new 3-valve engine. After testing the LX 125 ie 3V. here is the test version Vespa S 125ie 3V declination stylish vintage.

Efficient and attractive the answer is here!

Since last June and the presentation of Vespa LX 125ie 3V 2012 (complete test with reading here), a new motorization came out within the Piaggio group. Last version of the engine Leader 4T injected to air, it is made conspicuous by its cylinder head with three valves (the old one had only two of them), but also its new supposed internal parts to provide to one-cylinder better output.

This engine 3V (“very valve” in the language of sugar) would be thus sharper, while being less greedy while carburizing and more lenient towards the environment, as well from the point of view of the polluting emissions as sound.

Logic of platform obliges, it is thus the Vespa S 125 IE which inherits this supposed thermal group to bring more peps to him. And that falls well! Because with its square headlight and its style plus race, this S becomes Vespa S 125ie 3V is the sporting small size of the mark, which we also tested in the Italian capital.


A timeless line, a licked completion

But before assessing of them (or not!) the dynamic qualities, a turn of the owner is essential to contemplate the aestheticism of it. We note whereas the S new generation is different from the preceding model on the level of certain details in frontage.

Indeed, only the experts will notice that the hooding of the front face, the drawing of the tie or the mask horn slightly evolved. With the floor, the logo Vespa appears on the non-skid structures. For the rest, the Vespa S 125 IE 3V 2012 preserves perfectly the line of the models of the seventies, the Vespa Special 50 or Primavera.

As always on these dear scooters of yesteryear, the quality of the realization is indisputable, the blue color “blue Mediterranean” of most pleasant in our eyes and the elements painted in black (rims, entourage of meter, and grid of air intake and signature of front mudguard) reinforce the dynamic image of this model of wasp. Beautiful!

Vespa S 125ie 2012: Superb performances, for the city

Vespa S 125 IE 3V 2012 lands without particular instructions, like the other Vespa besides. The splendid rectangular saddle is one cannot more accessible, it has there room with the floor, the orders catch instinct and taking into account the light weight of the scooter employing however sheet steel, it moves with facility on the operations with the stop. Contact!

Mechanics get going, in a sonority it is true more discrete than before.

The answer to the accelerator is instantaneous, but not particularly impressive, at least on the first meters. Gas opens into large, it is indeed necessary to wait a good half-second before the new block climbs in the turns. Once this course passed, approval is quite present.

Taking into account its featherweight, we note that the Vespa S 2012 pushes admirably, perhaps even better than front, and its recoveries are convincing, up to 80 km/h it gets along.

Vespa S 125
Vespa S 125

A sometimes disconcerting aspect circling

This profit in nervousness with put-mode is pleasant and makes as a result a little forget the light inflexibility to the handing-over of the gauzes at low speed. For the rest, although the manufacturer acknowledges to have worked on the lengthening-piece of the scooter, the difference is with final not very perceptible. We indeed note a maximum speed of 110 km/h to the meter, which, as for LX 125 IE 3V, must correspond to 100 km/h in GPS. But at this speed the S is not adapted.

Because of its short footing and of its small wheels, its very useful aspect circling in the traffic is disconcerting here.

As for its protection, the absence of bubble encourages you to return the hand quickly. And it is so much better! The modern “Vision” is more cut to thread downtown, with class and elegance. If its suspensions prove sometimes a little dry, at least they give him precision. As for the braking, although equipped with only one disc to front, we found the system powerful and enduring.

Before is progressive, the back does not block easily.

On this test, it unfortunately was impossible to us to check the consumption of the scooter. But so as the manufacturer indicates it is in fall, here still a new argument pleading in favor of the small townsman.

Assessment: Passion vintage at all costs!

To buy a Vespa today is not reasonable! These mountings with style classical are indeed not best adapted to axes fast (lack of protection or lengthening-piece), not particularly cut for practice of duet (even less if they are two adults), not very practical (even if unlike the LX 125ie 3V, S 125 IE 3V is equipped with a stand side of series), and rather expensive with the purchase (the new Vespa S is sold 3,600 €).

Yes but here is, the manufacturing of the mythical wasp is irreproachable, it is a genuine weapon downtown, powerful and reassuring, as for its inimitable timeless style, it remains always also irresistible. Tendency, like the last shelf of Apple, this version S more sporting will find without any doubt its public. But taking into account little evolution on this model and especially since a very new Vespa taking the base from the Quarantasei concept or 946 is announced for 2013, it is strong to bet that many aficionados of the mark still will wait… at least to the next living room of Milan where the machine should be to us presented.

Vespa S 125
Vespa S 125
Vespa S 125
Vespa S 125
Vespa S 125
Vespa S 125
Vespa S 125

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