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Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:39 pm quote

Hi All ,

Just thought I would keep everyone up to date with my first impressions of the X10.

Done just a couple of hundred miles at running in speeds. Fuel consumption is averaging 75 mpg(UK). It will probably loosen up and improve as time goes on.

I have had to adjust to the extreme engine braking, commented on by those Beverley 350 owners.

Brakes are fantastic. Acceleration is nothing like as good as the GTS, but may improve. NO FRONT END WOBBLE. The screen seems adequate. I’m 6ft and the wind seems to lift overhead quite well.

The speedo seems very accurate compared to the GTS which is commendable.

Seating is comfortable. The back support build into the seat adjusts forward and backwards. This is achieved by lifting the seat and undoing screws to move the seat 10mm forward or 10mm back. Nothing more dramatic than that. My wife is only 5ft 2ins and never felt she could use the GTS footrests very well as she was short in the leg.

Not much better on the X10 because the seat is very wide. Designed for those long legged Italian women no doubt.

I bought the bike looking for something a little more comfortable to use on longer journeys. I think the X10 will do this admirably although fuel economy will be poor at the higher speeds. The computerized dash gives a constantly changing MPG reading as you operate the throttle or the bike pulls up hill or down dale.

The bike itself is quite heavy to manouvre and I find myself having to stand alongside it to take it off the centre stand unlike the GTS which I can do abreast. It is also very long and difficult to turn by hand in our 10ft wide garage where the GTS turns easily. I have ordered a back box which will increase the length. The box has no delivery date.

Vespa GTV Vie della Moda
Vespa GTV Vie della Moda

Disappointing that the Italians could not have organised the accessories being available at the bike launch date.

The oil dipstick position is a bit strange. No problem reaching into the bike to undo and check it but could be a challenge topping it up.

Build quality isn’t great. The female/male plug taking the feed from the main wiring to the number plate light had not been fixed in the frame and was resting on the rear wheel and mudguard jumping around. A nut under the throttle housing on the handlebar was not even finger tight and the offside engine inspection panel above the footwell had no T20 screw holding it on.

The panel nearly fell out tonight before I noticed it. ( Just e mailed the dealer to send me a screw).

Stunning looks however. the headlamps are very efficient and the LED rear lamps look the part.

The usb and 12 volt sockets in the glove box are useful but I haven’t worked out how to take a feed out of the glove compartment to my Garmin satnav yet. There is no obvious wiring gap. Can’t leave it open?

So there you are. A week down the line and 200miles. I will let you know how things are in a month.

Vespa GTV Vie della Moda
Vespa GTV Vie della Moda
Vespa GTV Vie della Moda
Vespa GTV Vie della Moda
Vespa GTV Vie della Moda
Vespa GTV Vie della Moda
Vespa GTV Vie della Moda
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