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Welcome to the Suzuki Owners Club new website and forum!

This is the official Suzuki Owners Club website. Anything else is an imitation.

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As a club we are 40 years young and we are having an anniversary celebration weekend in August for our full members, that includes free camping. More details inside.

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You can join the forum as a guest for a limited time, If you like it, then you can join the club.

If testimony is required then below is a recent post from a club member.

Thoughts on Joining a Bike Club.

In the famous words of Groucho Marx, I would never be a member of a club that would have me as a member.

Although I have been riding bikes for over 30 years, before joining the SOC I had never been a member of a bike club. When I first started in bikes in my teens, some of my friends were doing the same so we used to go places together, maybe half a dozen of us. Later, when I lived in Birmingham I was involved with the University bike club and would often ride with them.

But since then I have been something of a lone biker as my friends all moved on to cars years ago.

In more recent years I was finding that my annual mileage was often pitiful as my girlfriend lost interest in riding pillion and the bike would give way to the comfort and convenience of the car on camping trips and days out. I was questioning the value of just ‘riding about with nowhere to go’ on my own.

So I finally bit the bullet and joined the North East Chapter (sic) of the Suzuki Owners Club, hoping that it wasn’t all about ‘Suzukis are the best’ with all other marques dismissed as irrelevant.

Suzuki B-King

I should probably mention at this point the reasons why I have always resisted joining a club. My experience with bike clubs in the past had revealed so-called ‘like minded’ types that were anything but. In fact, I encountered the sort of people I have tended to make a lot of effort to avoid in life. These fall into three categories:

‘The man who thinks he is faster than Rossi’. This man’s bike, despite being exactly the same model as yours, is somehow 20mph faster and he is always keen to tell you how he easily thrashed riders on R1s and Fireblades when he visited the TT on his Deauville.

‘Mr Ultra Sensible’. This man proudly wears his dayglo IAM vest at all times (including weddings and funerals) and will shake his head and tut at the merest mention of exceeding the speed limit or, god forbid, pulling a wheelie. He usually rides bolt upright, very slowly and with a forgotten indicator permanently blinking.

‘The man who whinges incessantly about car drivers’. This one is firmly convinced that all motorcyclists are great drivers and should be allowed to do whatever they want on the roads, while all car drivers are myopic idiots who shouldn’t be allowed on the roads. Oh, and all bike accidents are caused by car drivers.

To my great relief, I have not yet met any of the above in the SOC. In fact, they are a great bunch of lads and lasses who are friendly, welcoming and easy to get along with. I am sure we are not all of a ‘like-minded type’ (who would want that?) but we do share a common interest in motorbikes (not, thankfully, just Suzukis!) and enjoying life by getting out on our bikes.

To anyone thinking of joining a club or looking to put some meaning back into their biking lives, I would say ‘Do it’. You have nothing to lose and you will make new friends and discover new places.

Thanks to all at the club for making me welcome and including me right from the start. Hope to see more of you in the future.

Permission granted for use of post by SOC member.

This site will be continuously developed and enhanced with involvement from the members. If you have ideas or suggestions please let us know by mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Suzuki B-King
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