Yamaha XV 535

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Arwin Aranda: Sounds nice… thanks for that Video. I´m looking for a bike to travel with, I´m just starting riding motorcycles and I´m still looking for the right one for the beginning. D Would I be able to travel with that Bike. D

Max Speed Media: Great review. I have a Virago 250 that I modded and I love the bike. These little Yamaha’s are great little motorcycles. They handle and sound fantastic!

sweetpink: what is the top speed?

spidiq8: Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately I know nothing about the 500, it must have been a model which wasn’t sold in the UK as i’m completely unfamiliar with it. If it’s a V twin then they’re all very similar in design and reliability, only thing i’d say is the older it is, the more thoroughly you need to check it over for wear and tear but all the models of virago i’ve seen are typically well looked after and sturdy.

spidiq8: The UK bike market is currently in a slump, the only thing selling well are new, nearly new and rare. I haven’t checked the going rate for the virago in a good while but know a few people who’ve bought tidy ones recently for £700 – £900 which I consider a bargain, these bikes tend to have been looked after, maintained and not mercilessly thrashed and a couple of years ago you’d be looking at £1500 for a good one and more for pristine

lastonejay: I have a 96 and it hasn’t let me down in the 10 years I’ve had it. Everything you have mentioned in this video is spot on. Although I would like a bigger bike I just can’t bare to part with it.

spidiq8: Thanks, glad you enjoyed. Shift pattern on the 535 is 1 down, 2345 up, neutral between 1 and 2 just standard Japanese left foot shift pattern.

spidiq8: It’ll cruise comfortably at 80, if the headwind is strong it can be a problem with the upright seating position but fitting an aftermarket highway screen will sort that.

Doug D: Okay, thanks1

spidiq8: On long runs, maybe, the only way to know is to try it but if you feel cramped on one of these you would on most bikes apart from taller ‘adventure’ styled machines. You can get highway/cruising pegs and forward controls though

spidiq8: Thankyou, i’m glad you enjoyed it and I hope it was useful. )

mxkcrm: Im 6´1 with 32-34 inseam and this was my first bike back in 09. Its a great first bike but I found myself wanting to take it to a shop to see if moving the foot brake and the shifter forward was possible and maybe raising the handle bar. My legs felt too cramped and I honestly think I looked goofy on a small bike. Still have the bike in my garage to this day though, I just turn it on here and take it around the block to stretch its legs