Yamaha WR 450 F

Yamaha WR450F Maintenance Repair Manual

Supplied in easy to read and print pdf format and works with all operating systems; Windows XP, Vista, 7, MAC, etc. (any device that reads pdf format) plus there’s No waiting for delivery!

Electrical system






Fuel system

Replacement parts


Engine specifications

Electrical specifications


Gaskets, oil seals o-rings

Cable routing


Periodic Checks Adjustments




Lubrication system chart diagrams


Engine oil

Drive chain

Special tools

Maintenance schedule


Valve clearance


Tightening torque values

Cooling system diagrams

Using the service manual


Shift pedal does not move

Poor braking performance

Faulty front fork legs

Faulty gear shifting

Starting failures

Over cooling


Unstable handlebars

Jumps out of gear

Faulty lighting signaling system

Faulty clutch

Incorrect engine idling speed

Intake air temperature sensor

Radiator fan motors

Starter motor operation

Throttle position sensor

Lean angle sensor

Coolant temperature sensor

Bulbs bulb sockets



Atmospheric pressure sensor


Fuel sender

Throttle valves

Fuel injection

Yamaha WR 450 F

Ignition system

Cooling system


Circuit diagrams

Fuel pump

Troubleshooting, checks, removal Installation

Air induction system solenoid

Intake air pressure sensor

Starter coil

Charging system

Colour codes

Cylinder Identification sensor

Diagnosis mode

Electrical components


Ignition coils

Oil level switch

Wiring Diagram


Rectifier regulator

Electrical starting system


Spark plug

Crankshaft position sensor

The Yamaha WR450 is a fantastic enduro and off road machine that only feels at home when ripping up a dirt track, soaring over a sand dune or sprinting through a flooded forest. This is assisted by the powerful 450cc engine which ensures that no environment can stand in your way. The headlight will even allow you to do your thing through the night, so if you’re taking on a particularly long endurance race, this is the machine to do it with.

With a second to none suspension set up, you’ll also have no trouble keeping good control over the machine in the worst of conditions, so torrential rain isn’t going to be a problem. Adding to its rather impressive list, the styling isn’t half bad either, being a nice step up from the 250cc model and with that two tone paint job.

Keeping your dirt bike in one piece is easier said than done on a WR450 due to the power you’ll be dealing with. Since you’ll be taking a lot of hard landings as well as a generally bumpy ride whenever you use it, the most vulnerable parts are no doubt the suspension and frame. Add to this the problem of built up dirt causing corrosion over a certain period of time and you’ll be left with a bike that is on track for a malfunction.

This is why you should always keep up a good maintenance routine to ensure that nothing serious can go wrong while you’re out at the track.

You’ll appreciate how dangerous that could be if it were to happen at the wrong time, but with the cost of these services being so high, it can feel hard to justify spending so much. Fortunately, for those that have the motivation to carry out their own maintenance, the Yamaha manual will give you the low cost alternative you’ve been looking for. This manual will essentially summarise the complex nature of your dirt bike and guide you on how to carry out routine maintenance.

On top of this, you’ll also have access to limitless repair advice on any damage that you could possibly incur. This basically makes the Yamaha WR450 a little cost effective lifeline that you can always turn to when your Yamaha develops a malfunction.

In no time at all, after keeping up with the home servicing routine, you’ll have saved up a nice amount of money that would have gone straight into the pockets of the local garage. On top of this, your bike will see a fantastic quality service much more frequently with the WR450F manual in hand, so don’t settle for any less and cut out a huge expense today.

Yamaha WR 450 F
Yamaha WR 450 F
Yamaha WR 450 F
Yamaha WR 450 F
Yamaha WR 450 F
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