Yamaha XTZ 750
Yamaha XTZ 750

Yamaha XTZ750 Maintenance Repair Manual

Supplied in easy to read and print pdf format and works with all operating systems; Windows XP, Vista, 7, MAC, etc. (any device that reads pdf format) plus there’s No waiting for delivery!



Drive chain

Replacement parts


Electrical system

Lubrication system chart diagrams

Using the service manual




Tightening torque values

Valve clearance





Gaskets, oil seals o-rings


Maintenance schedule

Cable routing

Periodic Checks Adjustments


Engine oil

Electrical specifications

Engine specifications

Cooling system diagrams

Fuel system

Special tools




Incorrect engine idling speed

Unstable handlebars

Poor braking performance


Faulty lighting signaling system

Over cooling

Jumps out of gear

Starting failures

Shift pedal does not move

Faulty gear shifting

Faulty front fork legs

Faulty clutch

Air induction system solenoid

Troubleshooting, checks, removal Installation

Crankshaft position sensor

Electrical components

Cylinder Identification sensor

Fuel injection

Cooling system

Lean angle sensor


Atmospheric pressure sensor

Bulbs bulb sockets

Circuit diagrams

Fuel sender

Ignition coils


Charging system

Rectifier regulator

Starter motor operation

Oil level switch


Wiring Diagram

Fuel pump

Intake air temperature sensor

Colour codes

Diagnosis mode


Electrical starting system

Throttle valves

Radiator fan motors

Spark plug


Coolant temperature sensor


Intake air pressure sensor

Ignition system

Starter coil

Throttle position sensor


The Yamaha XTZ750 is a beefy dirt bike with a lot of brunt about it for when you’re tearing up those muddy environments. The 750cc engine provides a nice responsive kick when you want to pelt off the line, so whether you’re racing or just enjoying yourself, you’ll have all the acceleration you could possibly need. Style wise, this machine is looking increasingly retro considering its age, but to some that’ll come as a quirky appeal.

The more obvious appeal has to be that attractive used price too, with second hand models being affordable no matter what your budget. So if you’re a novice looking to get involved with the world of dirt bikes, then the Yamaha XTZ750 is the way to go.

Keeping your dirt bike in one piece is a difficult task at the best of times, especially if you’ll be riding it on a regular basis. Combining muddy tracks, harsh jumps and the occasional collision will leave you with a much higher chance of damaging your bike than a regular sports bike. The Yamaha’s parts are even more at risk when you consider their age, making them far more susceptible to corrosion and disintegration. This is why you cannot afford to miss your routine motorcycle services.

However, although these services are easy enough to arrange and attend, the price of them is a little harder to cope with. So where can you look for a cheaper way to keep your dirt bike plugging away?

Well, there is a way, but it will involve your physical co-operation and a little of your time to be effective. The task I’m referring to is carrying out the maintenance yourself at home under the guidance of the XTZ 750 manual. For those that have no mechanical experience, you needn’t worry. All the repair guidance you could possibly need can be found right here, regardless of how severe that damage may be.

You’ll be able to replace and repair any parts in no time and ensure that they stay in the best possible condition by keeping up a good home servicing schedule.

After just a few months of getting to grips with your bike and the XTZ750 manual, the time it takes you to carry out a service will drop considerably, allowing you to be done and dusted in under an hour. You’ll also inevitably be saving yourself a considerable amount of money in the process whilst keeping your bike running fresh and responsively, making this a true win-win situation. So if you’re ready to cut those running costs and prolong your bike’s life, then the Yamaha manual is for you.

Yamaha XTZ 750
Yamaha XTZ 750
Yamaha XTZ 750
Yamaha XTZ 750
Yamaha XTZ 750
Yamaha XTZ 750
Yamaha XTZ 750
Yamaha XTZ 750

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