Zongshen ZS150GY-10

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Posted 25 July 2009 – 09:54 AM

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Posted 25 July 2009 – 10:03 AM

I hope thay have improved the quality. The two Xongshens I have worked on the the two biggest piles of excrement I have seen here in the country of factory seconds. These were much worse than the normal China bikes we work on periodically.

They do look nice sitting in the driveway, but quality in the engineering department was not exactly a priority.

Larry in Dumaguete

Larry, I doubt very much if you or any member of this Forum has seen any of the new Zongshen ‘Cyclone’ range to properly judge how much better they are.

One Member of MCP Forum . went to a Trade Fair in China about 3 months ago and saw the ZS125GY-10 and the ZS125-50

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Re: New Zongshen Models

Hello guys, want to share also these pics I got from a trade exhibit in Guangzhou,China about 3 months ago, I was there for a work trip and di ko na sinayang pagkakataon na andun ako kaya pinuntahan ko na yung expo. These are their new enduro bike model, zongshen 125cylone, there’s a cruiser type beside this bike kaya lang di ko makuhanan ng clear shot. anyway, it seems they have improved a lot and hopefully some distributors can offer these bikes d2 sa pinas.

the zhongshen cyclone 125.

Come on Larry, even from the photos, I think you can tell the DIFFERENCE in these Zongshen models

THE REAL THING: Zongshen’s ZS125GY has a clutch and gearbox and is surprisingly roomy for a 125cc learner tool.

That was the OLD ZS125GY

and this is the new ZS125GY-10

Motorcycles from China

by Paul Crowe – The Kneeslider on 4/26/2005

Chinese motorcycles are coming, whether or not anyone is ready for them. Those soft sales figures many manufacturers have been reporting may be a sign of things to come if the Chinese have their way. China offers an enormous market for anything you might be selling but tariffs on imported goods make selling into that market extremely challenging if not impossible.

The potential size is what keeps drawing attention from companies around the world but the Chinese would rather produce their own products and production often begins with copying. There has been an endless stream of companies suing the Chinese for outright piracy, in the case of software, to trademark infringement and copying of designs.

Honda, Toyota and General Motors have all sued Chinese companies for blatant product copies that are sold under Chinese brand names with logos designed to look like the originals. They even sell a BMW clone, too, along the lines of the Ural. Companies at the Indianapolis dealer show have mentioned how it’s common to see Chinese visitors snapping loads of pictures at every product display, I guess it’s a way of compressing the time from design to production, no design needed, just copy.

Zongshen ZS150GY-10

The major Chinese motorcycle company is Zongshen. a huge operation that annually turns out 1,000,000 motorcycles and 2,000,000 motorcycle engines, among other products. The motorcycles are 250cc and smaller, reflecting the motorcycles used in China, but they are planning to move into larger displacement categories with a 1000cc four cylinder engine and that’s where the rest of the world needs to be ready. If that production is aimed at export, low cost motorcycles will be flooding the market.

That may be good for riders looking for cheap transportation but it looks bad for established motorcycle companies.

Chinese motorcycles � continued

by Paul Crowe – The Kneeslider on 4/26/2005

Here are a few more things to consider about Chinese motorcycle exports:

China now makes half of all motorcycles produced worldwide. In export markets, Chinese motorcycle manufacturers have been rapidly gaining share, especially in emerging markets in Southeast Asia and Africa.

And further:

Chinese companies have also grabbed market share from their Japanese competitors. For example, in Vietnam, Honda of Japan has seen its market share decline from nearly 90% to only 30% in the five years since Chinese manufacturers began selling to that country.

Also interesting is that it seems motorcycle companies trying to sell into the Chinese market have to partner with Zongshen or some other company in order to do so. Last June, Harley Davidson signed a letter of understanding with Zongshen and Piaggio has also partnered with Zongshen. Just exactly what does it mean to partner with Zongshen?

Here is an excerpt from the Harley press release last June (couldn’t find it on Harley’s site):

We do not believe it will be necessary for Harley-Davidson to manufacture its motorcycles in China in order to be able to sell them there, he said.

Under the contemplated relationship, Harley-Davidson would work with Zongshen to gain a better understanding of the business practices, markets and distribution channels it will encounter in China. Zongshen is a recognized leader in the Chinese motorcycle industry. We believe there is a lot we can learn from working with a company that has intimate market and industry knowledge in China, said Bleustein.

Harley-Davidson would share certain technology of a non-competing nature, as well as marketing philosophies and practices with Zongshen, under the contemplated agreement.

Hmm� business practices, markets and distribution channels it will encounter. You can interpret that however you wish. And of course, share certain technology.

I wonder how important that part of the agreement was.

If a foreign company wants to produce or sell products in the U.S. they are able to do that without any partnerships. In China, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Although I am focusing on motorcycle companies here, all industries face the same hurdles.

This is big and any company not paying attention is in for a shock.

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Zongshen ZS150GY-10
Zongshen ZS150GY-10
Zongshen ZS150GY-10
Zongshen ZS150GY-10
Zongshen ZS150GY-10
Zongshen ZS150GY-10
Zongshen ZS150GY-10
Zongshen ZS150GY-10
Zongshen ZS150GY-10

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