Yamaha CS 200

1971 Yamaha CS3

I have an old, vintage 1971 Yamaha CS3 for sale that has a 200cc 2 stroke twin engine and a lot of new motorcycle parts. See the list below for details on the paint and restoration that has been completed.

My asking price for the Yamaha dirt bike will include a Clymer’s Vintage 2 stroke owners repair manual that covers repairs and maintenance procedures for many Yamaha motorcycles.

The used Yamaha dirt bike for sale is a little motorcycle to ride, not a racing bike, not too powerful but lots of fun! 1st and 2 gear will pop the wheel up when you hit the power band and top speed is around 80mph. I think the engine is about 22hp but I’m really not sure.

Here is a list of the new parts that are already in place on the 1971 Yamaha CS3 for Sale.

New wiring harness

NEW pistons

rings (‘3rd bore’) FRESH BORE

NEW wrist pins

NEW handlebars

NEW hand grips

New fuel and air filters

NEW chrome engine side cover (NOS


NEW stainless / allen head installed with anti-seize to prevent corrosion engine side cover bolts


The original paint of the entire motorcycle has been stripped, sandblasted primed and then painted with fresh orange paint that has been clear coated except for the fuel tank using a rattle can.


The following engine parts have been replaced with used Yamaha motorcycle parts or NOS parts, or cleaned and repaired.

Rebuilt carbs

Electric starter works great!

Brake shoes are in good shape and really thick

All cables are in good working order including the clutch cable, throttle cable, brake, speedometer cable and the tachometer cable

The bike speed shifts and hits all gears up and down just without a hitch. All electrical

components are there and working minus the ignition (key) switch

The motorcycle SEAT PAN has ver minor rust

Good fuel tank

Clutch plates have lots of meat and the friction plates are good too

The speedometer was taken apart, cleaned and put back together and works

The tachometer was taken apart, cleaned and put back together in good working order

All of the 1971 Yamaha CS3 motorcycle’s lights work, and lenses are all in place

There are no rust on the wheels but a few spokes have minor rust

WORK NEEDED on the 1971 Yamaha CS3

For this old Yamaha Dirt bike to be streetable once again a few things need to be taken care of and you should know that nwvintagecycleparts.com has all of the motorcycle parts for sale that you’d need for this bike NOS.

The motorcycle’s tires are old and starting to crack. The clutch actuator (worm gear) needs to be replaced and I HAVE THESE NEW PARTS but they need to be pressed together. There is no clutch action until this is fixed.

The ignition (key / switch) needs to be replaced or fixed. I opened it up and it is missing a spring inside to make contact as you turn the key.

Yamaha CS 200
Yamaha CS 200

I added a section of spring from a ball point pen and it sort of works.

The wiring connections needs to be completed to the ignition switch. The motorcycle’s seat needs to be recovere reupholstered but the original foam is reusable.

It needs a new chain because the one that’s on it has a few kinks and is rusty.

Spare or parts that have not been installed as of yet

ignition coils

chain guard

foot peg bar (for high mount exhaust system that was on it before)

Miscellanous bolts, fasteners, bits and pieces

front fender + braket (some rust and it’s pitted)


brake light bracket (cheap aftermarket ‘oem replacement’ that doesn’t fit well)

NEW crank case gasket (never split the case – not installed)

Misc extra control cables

Other 1971 Yamaha CS3 Details

I removed the oil pump and it runs pre-mix now. The foam of the motorcycle seat as seen in the picture is in very good condition. The only problem being one bad spot that is visible but the other side of the seat is fine.

Pay no attention to the way that the bars are mounted in the pics this is just how they were without positioning them.

It did have high exhaust but that has been swapped with low exhaust (pipes, footpeg cross bar to let low pipes clear. I still have the original striaght foot peg cross bar if you want it.

The vintage Yamaha dirt bike for sale is located in Southern Oregon and if you’re interested you may leave your questions and contact information in the space below provided by Strike Lightning and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Strike Lightning would also encourage bikers to submit a review of the 1971 Yamaha CS3 for sale to help potential buyers make informed decisions and to benefit the biker community as a whole.

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