Yamaha DT 250


With just a 246 cubic inch engine, the light 1979 Yamaha DT-250 still packed a powerful punch on both the trail and the road. The single cylinder, two stroke motor puts out an advertised 16 horsepower and has a top speed of approximately 70 mph. With the standard left-side gearshift matched with a five-speed transmission, the DT-250 used its 6.7:1 gear ratio for quick acceleration both on and off the road.

With a small fuel tank that holds just under 2.5 gallons, the estimated fuel efficiency of the DT-250 is between 35 and 42 miles per gallon. This fuel efficiency can fluctuate due to maintenance or aftermarket performance parts.

Suspension and Wheels

Being an enduro-type vehicle, the 1979 Yamaha DT-250’s durability off the road is one of its strongest features. The heavily-built suspension and chassis were highly resilient to abnormal use, such as motocross track sprinting. The front suspension featured a high-travel, fork design to give riders a comfortable handlebar adjustment over the terrain.

The rear suspension featured a single shock mounted with a coil spring, maximizing longevity of the suspension’s life. Drum brakes came standard on both front and rear wheels. The Yamaha DT-250’s off-road-ready suspension was matched with a set of dirt tires for grip.

The front tires were 3.00-21 inch and the rear tires were 4.00-18, giving the bike an aggressive stance as well as functionality.

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Yamaha DT 250
Yamaha DT 250

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Yamaha DT 250
Yamaha DT 250
Yamaha DT 250
Yamaha DT 250
Yamaha DT 250
Yamaha DT 250
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