Ducati 900 SS Hailwood-Replica
Ducati 900 SS Hailwood-Replica

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Classic Motorcycle Shed has on offer a beautifully restored rare Mike Hailwood 1982 Ducati MHR900 replica. This bike has been sitting dismantled in the shed for three years while we waited for the owner’s go ahead to restore the bike. For personal reasons, the owner had to sell the bike in March of this year, at which point we procured it and excitedly embarked upon the restoration journey.

We are very pleased with the result and believe you will be too.

Things you should know about this motorcycle:

It was bought from the 2 nd owner in March of 2012.

It has done 55741 km

It comes with the original owner’s manual, which is incredibly rare

The motor underwent a major rebuild at 49,801 km.

It has perfect compression

Possess a perfect gear box

The fully original restoration involved (but is not limited to):

Sandblasting of the frame and zinc coating

Painting of the frame, swingarm and all other frame components in two pack paint with a clear overcoat for maximum protection

Repair and painting of all fairing and bodywork in two pack paint with a clear overcoat for maximum protection

A new, painted fuel tank that includes new lockable fuel cap as per the original

Brand new full exhaust system including replica Conti Silencers. Original NOS Silentiums are also available

Application of new and original decals and stickers, which have been two pack clear over coated

All new fairing and bodywork brackets have been manufactured as original

Front forks and rear shocks are original and underwent a complete refurbuishment including hard chrome

Carburators being rebuilt and rejetted at the time the motor was rebuilt

Complete refurbishing of the front and rear brake master cylinder and calipers

Instrument panel refurbished and some new instrument lights provided

Polishing of engine cases

Refurbishing of the wiring loom

New fasteners and washers

Ducati 900 SS Hailwood-Replica
Ducati 900 SS Hailwood-Replica

New seat and bum pad cover with the original pattern

New chain

New front and rear Pirelli Sport Demons tyres

New battery

New spark plugs

New head stem bearings

New, clutch cable, throttle cables and tacho cable

All new rubbers including, footrest, handgrips, gear change lever, and rear brake pedal

See our listing on eBay .

MHR900 Ducati History

1978 is well known as the year Mike Hailwood triumphantly returned to the Isle of Man TT, pulling off a dramatic victory aboard a Sports Motorcycles-entered, factory prepared racing version of the 900ss. From this the Mike Hailwood Replica, a customised version of the SS was born. This was to take several forms following its introduction in 1979.

The first versions had a fiberglass cover over a steel fuel tank, but later on this gave way to a full-sized steel tank. Early models also had no side panels, but these were later added by the factory to give a tidier appearance. Seat designs have also varied, but on most models were a single/dual combined racing type in fiberglass.

Originally, the bike had Conti silencers, but the post-1981 machines sported more restrictive Silentiums. As on the SS, various wheels were used, including Campagnolo, Speedline, and FPS, but unlike the SS, the Replicas used Darmah(Nippon Denso) instruments and switchgear exclusively. All Hailwood Replicas (of MHRs) and 900SSs since 1979 used the Darmah engine as a basis.

* Mick Walker – Ducati Twins

This bike is currently advertised on bikesales.com.au

Ducati 900 SS Hailwood-Replica
Ducati 900 SS Hailwood-Replica

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