Polaris Sportsman 600
Polaris Sportsman 600


The 600 Sportsman Twin has a 597-cubic-centimeter engine with two four-stroke cylinders. It is liquid-cooled with a single ignition coil and a 34-millimeter carburetor. The vehicle has automatic transmission.


The front suspension uses a MacPherson 6.7-inch strut while the rear suspension is independent, giving the rider full range of movement. The rear suspension is progressive with an anti-roll bar around 9.5 inches long.


The front tire is 25 and 8/12 inches in diameter while the rear tire is 25 and 11/12 inches in diameter. They are both mounted on chrome wheels.

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Polaris Sportsman 600
Polaris Sportsman 600

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Polaris Sportsman 600
Polaris Sportsman 600
Polaris Sportsman 600
Polaris Sportsman 600
Polaris Sportsman 600
Polaris Sportsman 600
Polaris Sportsman 600
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