MZ Baghira 660 Black Panther

2005 Baghira Black Panther

2005 MZ Baghira Black Panther


In 1907, a German company known as Dampf-Kraft-Wagen, or DKW, started by producing engines for bicycles. In the 1920s, DKW began producing 2-stroke engines for motorcycles. In time, their designs went on to dominate all forms of motorcycle racing from 1922 to 1936, winning 45 championships during that time. In 1956, DKW changed its name to Motorradwerk Zschopau, or MZ.

Because of wartime conditions, MZ continued to produce engines and bikes in East Germany, though it was purchased by Hong Leong Group out of Malaysia, who later introduced the world to the 2005 MZ Baghira.

When riding an enduro bike in the rough elements of nature, the machine must inspire confidence in the rider, and the 2005 MZ Baghira is up to the task. This bike is the equivalent of a blue collar worker, aiming for maximum overtime hours. No matter what obstacle is thrown at it, the Baghira takes it on the chin, and asks for more.

The engineers at MZ have ensured that the build quality is there to give the rider confidence that they will not be stranded due to broken parts, or malfunctioning equipment.

The power plant of the 2005 MZ Baghira is a single cylinder 4-stroke engine that produces 37 horsepower at 6,500 RPM, and up to 42 ft/lbs of torque. The 660cc engine is able to propel the enduro style bike to reach a top speed of 99.4 miles per hour, and the Baghira is able to handle all types of terrain, with power on demand throughout the powerband. The engine rests in the single cradle steel frame, creating a balanced machine.

The five valves are set in a Dual Overhead Cam configuration with a 9.2 compression ratio. The liquid cooled engine features an electric starter. The five-speed manual transmission uses a chain drive to connect that power to the rear flywheel, and to put the power to the dirt.

The fully adjustable 45mm Marzocchi fork is set at a 62 degree rake angle, and allows for 11.02 inches of wheel travel. In the rear, the adjustable swingarm supports a monoshock that allows 11.02 inches of wheel travel. The aggressive suspension system of the MZ Baghira handles deep ruts, rocks, and stumps just as capably as it tackles on-road potholes and bumps. In the off-road environment, braking power is of the utmost importance, a point not lost on the engineers at MZ.

MZ Baghira 660 Black Panther

In the front, the Baghira relies on an 11.1 inch single hydraulic disc brake, while the rear wheel features a 9.65 inch hydraulic disc brake. In its ultimate configuration, the Baghira rides on a 21 inch spoked wheel wrapped in 90/90 Dunlop rubber in the front, and an 18 inch spoked wheel in a 120/80 Dunlop tire for the rear end.

The MZ Baghira handles two passengers with an adjustable seat height from 35 inches up to 36.6 inches at its highest setting. Riding in the standup position is comfortable due to the wide footpegs, and wide enduro style handlebars. The 60.2 inch wheelbase allows the rider to toss the 374.8 pound Baghira around turns, and over obstacles with confidence.

When you are sitting in the cockpit of this multi-purpose off-road machine, you have an assortment of information at your disposal. The instrument panel consists of an analog speedometer, tripmeter, indicator lights, oil and temperature warning, neutral light, and odometer. Industry-standard switchgear completes the package, to make the Baghira DOT-legal.

The Baghira is offered in Graphite Grey bodywork.

New For 2005

There were no significant changes to the 2005 MZ Baghira compared to the previous year’s model.

MZ Baghira 660 Black Panther
MZ Baghira 660 Black Panther
MZ Baghira 660 Black Panther
MZ Baghira 660 Black Panther
MZ Baghira 660 Black Panther
MZ Baghira 660 Black Panther
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