Piaggio LT150 Base

2005 LT 150 Base

2005 Piaggio LT150 Base


While there are a number of scooters on the market today, few combine the classic look and smooth ride of the Italian-produced 2005 Piaggio LT150. For riders of all ages and ability levels, this is a scooter to be ridden with ease, and loved for many years.

The 2005 Piaggio LT150 comes with a sleek steel frame and smaller body size, which makes the bike easy to navigate for all riders. This scooter measures in at just 76.4 inches in length, 28.8 inches in width, and its 233 lb. dry weight allows the bike to be easily handled, especially for novice riders. One-piece detachable passenger seating permits a companion to join the driver on the road, while vinyl seat covers mean that both driver and passenger will ride in comfort.

The Piaggio LT150 comes in five colors: Verde Inglese, Royal Blue, Platinum Metallic, Pearl, and Black.

Along with the bike’s moderate size, its steering and suspension also help to offer a smooth ride. The 2005 Piaggio LT150 comes equipped with telescopic fork front end suspension, which combines with single sided swing arm rear suspension to allow the bike to remain balanced, regardless of road conditions. A rear shock absorber also helps to create a steady ride for drivers.

Contributing to the scooter’s even and balanced ride, the Piaggio LT150’s tires and wheels only further enhance the experience of driving the 2005 model. This bike comes with an 80/80 R16 front end tire, and 110/80 R16 rear tire, which combines with a pair of steel, tubeless wheels to create balance on the open road. The 2005 Piaggio LT150’s front wheel measures in at 10 inches in diameter with 1.6 inches of width, while the rear wheel is 16 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches wide.

Piaggio LT150 Base

Of course, no conversation about this bike would be complete without mention of its 4-stroke single cylinder engine. The engine has 149cc’s of displacement; together with the scooter’s SOHC valve configuration and carburetor engine type, the Piaggio LT150 has plenty of power when it hits the road. The 2005 Piaggio LT150 also has a continuously variable transmission with primary belt drive.

Despite the power found in the engine, the 2005 Piaggio LT150 is still safe, and comes with plenty of measures to ensure the safety of all riders. This bike is equipped with 8.7 inch hydraulic disc front brakes, combined with 5.5 inch rear drum brakes to allow the bike to come to smooth stops, even under adverse road conditions. Front and rear fenders provide an additional degree of safety for riders of all ages and ability levels.

And finally, for owners looking for a bit of class to go with the comfort of their bike, the 2005 Piaggio LT150 has plenty of features to satisfy them too. The scooter comes equipped with digital instrumentation, a speedometer, clock, as well as a fuel level warning gauge to alert drivers when their 1.8 gallon fuel capacity gas tank is getting low. Exterior covers and guards protect the bike from outside elements, while a center stand keeps the bike upright when it’s not in use.

New For 2005

There are no new features for the 2005 Piaggio LT150, compared to previous year’s models.

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