MUZ Baghira 660 Enduro
MUZ Baghira 660 Enduro



MZ is used to offering variety even though mechanically the bike is very simple. You will wonder how that happens when the 125cc engine develops an impressive 15 HP, but the answer is “German engineering my friendz”!

In its all versions, Blizzard, Elegance, Gangsta, Mig, Twin Color, Cup Replica or Further models, the SM will more or less stand out, but it will definitely perform.


First introduced in 2001, the off-road motorcycle wasn’t different almost at all from let’s say the simple version of today, the interesting part consisting in the addition of new models. Styling was virtually all that came in as new because the 124cc single-cylinder four-stroke remained the same. Fed through carburetor and mated to a six-speed gearbox, the powerplant proved perfect for this ride.

The Mastiff made a very good figure in 2005 when it was first produced and marketed as it made virtually the same bike look more massive and attractive.

A year later, the first moto to suit the seasons street wear made its entry. The Gangsta, as it was called, featured a matte-black color combined with red rims so it is easy to identify it in the line-up because it does so today.

The MZ SM Mig and Cup Replica were presented in 2007 followed by the Blizzard and Elegance models this year.


Ever since its introduction the MZ 125 SM hasn’t been radically restyled or modified, but that is only because the enduro look was achieved from the start, leaving designers with the simple task of adding or removing color schemes as they preferred and so obtaining another version for the lineup.

As a result, for 2008 we have the Blizzard, a trail bike that looks like it announces the cavalry has arrived and the Elegance version available in black, blue and red. But apart these two special versions, also available are the SM Gangsta (featuring handprotectors, engine protectors and black-mat paintjob with red rims), SM Mig (grey color), the twin color SM (red-black, orange-black), the SM Cup Replica (black, pigmented) and the Further models (featuring sticker design in the colors black/white or red/white or silver and anthracite).

It has the look of European enduro motorcycles which stand as a combination between Supermoto and Motocros and that is what attracts the fans here in the U.S. but the MZ are also quite popular on the old continent also due to their design.

Test Drive

When you first swing a leg over it, the MZ seems a bit tall even for the average rider, but as you apply all your body weight on it, the soft suspensions will get you closer to the ground and more in control. What you will immediately notice is the great riding position which prepares you for the Supermoto bikes you’ve always dreamed about, but the seat is razor-sharp and you will immediately begin thinking about how to shorten your riding distance.

It becomes the perfect piece of machinery on which teenagers can begin their riding days because it feels light, well accommodating for the first 20 miles, and has enough power to keep the rider satisfied and the careful parents not worried sick.

Pull the choke and hit the starter button and a healthy exhaust note will give you a clue of what a fun ride awaits you and once you get on rolling disappointment will never show its face.

MUZ Baghira 660 Enduro
MUZ Baghira 660 Enduro

The engine is entirely built by MZ and makes a damn good impression to everyone who gets its hands on the throttle. This 125cc unit produces 15 horsepower, but what comes as a great advantage is the fact that it has a powerful grunt in the low-and-mid-range which makes it perfect for commuting through city traffic and with a skilled rider on it there will be no disappointment when leaving from stop signs.

A six-speed gearbox was exactly what the small engine needed in order to be pushed a little bit further. When I first got on it, I have to say that the clonk heard when I shifted first got me a little wondering, but as I went on and shifted the upper speeds there was no powerful sound and no doubts about the gearbox whatsoever.

I had a great time with the SM through traffic jams, but later on I did what every passionate teenager will do when being introduced to this iron horse: “see how fast it can go”. So I went to a remote road and pushed the small engine strongly in every gear. When I got up to sixth and began feeling the wind in the chest I looked at the speedo and it indicated exactly 70mph. So for a 125cc bike it can do pretty much and every rider which dreamed about it will be satisfied.

There is no wind protection or anything, but if you were looking for that, an Aprilia RS 125 would have been more appropriate.

But what the MZ 125 SM has in common with the Aprilia RS 125 is that they are both addressed to the same category of riders and both have a thing or two for track riding.

On the Supermoto track, the subject of today’s review will perform excellent and have its maneuverability become noticeable in an instant. I had some foot-in-the-front action and although I am not an expert the bike helped me a lot and forgave all of my mistakes. Also on the track I felt like the seat wasn’t that threatening as when trying to go from point A to point B, but the sporty riding approach will have you exhaust and begging for a brake kind of in same time as when docile riding it.

The suspensions are highly efficient and offer the needed stability in corners even though you won’t be leaning like there’s no tomorrow. I noticed that it soaks up bumps with great easy and so the stability-softness problem is sorted out by the German manufacturer.

It also has powerful and reliable brakes so it is well worth mentioning that you’ll be stopped in a split second. The bike is not heavy at all so I suggest you to go easy on the brakes. Supermoto rides are known for their braking power and although this is not a 100% Supermoto, it retains this ability.


Bulletproof built, enough powerful for its category and being characterized through the highest levels of finishing touches, the MZ 125 SM, especially the Blizzard and Elegance versions have what it takes to conquer a rider’s heart and have it head towards the MZ 660 Baghira. A really fun bike!

MUZ Baghira 660 Enduro
MUZ Baghira 660 Enduro
MUZ Baghira 660 Enduro
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  • MZ Baghira Enduro – 2002
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