Kawasaki KLX 250SF

2010 Kawasaki D-Tracker 250 /KLX 250SF With FMF Powercore 4 Exhaust

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KiTSaRaS86: is the powercore 4 and q4 the same in a way i mean does they have any diference in klx 250?

Gamers First Choice: about how louder is it from stock? it’s hard to tell on a video, thanks

Gui Nahas: @guigao2007. funny..any part of the frame is touching the slip on.

Gui Nahas: . funny..any part of the frame is touching the slip on.

TheTffyd: Hahaha tinfoil licence cover

ThePolicecastro: ola!!você é de minas gerais?,sou de sp tenho uma d-tracker e estou a procura da curva e do escape,quanto você pagou e onde você comprou?a moto esta andando mais?a que velocidade você atingiu?obrigado

DonCarleones: @Kawi4ever1 it will automatically off in 24 hours

Gui Nahas: @guigao2007 Hi there was no need. cause the bike is imported (from Thailand) and is has IE.

Rani Ramli: @lightlearner ofcourse it 4 strokes

teamswaim: Pipe is hitting the foot bracket behind the passenger peg 1:14. I had to bend mine out at least 2 inches to have clearance. thought about chopping it off. The FMF Power Core 4 is a lot louder than stock. around 104 db.

Need to leave the snorkel in until you jet it. it will run to lean.

ever kawi: I have the kawasaki klx 125 2010 model if I remove the o2 sensor the FI light was on

ever kawi: @ranirani1976 lol

ever kawi: @DonCarleones i put an fmf on my klx 125 too i dont remove the o2 the engine not work good