Honda XBR 500

2013 Honda CBR 500R, may it be the ideal sportbike?

Once released (in 2013 actually), Honda CBR 500R managed to somehow redefine the middleweight class.

It’s a great handling bike, positioned as an entry-level sportbike that delivers plenty of performance thanks to it’s high performance 471cc, liquid cooled engine parallel twin engine (Honda parallel twin engine are known to be great motorcycle engine)

So, 2013 Honda CBR 500R, who buys it?

If you ask yourself who’s this bike for, I would say it’s for people moving up from a 250cc and not yet willing to ride a 600cc but, as with anything nowadays, Honda may be following a marketing plan and just fill a gap that Kawasaki Ninja 500R left when discontinued in 2009.

2103 Honda CBR 500R is a friendly bike, considering the lower seat that allows you to easily get your feet on the ground, the fact that it’s lightweight and easy to handle, the easy riding suspension, the switch-gear located right under the rider’s left thumb and, why not, the riding position. Ah, and I forgot about the price!

The bike comes in 3 colors: black, red and a combination of white, blue and red, actually we could say a white version with red and blue (personally I like the white one)

I was speaking a bit earlier about the engine (all new but based on the famous Honda’s parallel twin engine), an engine that helps this bike reach 100km/h in only 5.2 seconds. The fuel tank has a capacity of 15.7 liters and, even if it may seem a bit small, it offers an autonomy of 400 km between refueling if ridden well.

Honda XBR 500

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The ignition is computer controlled with electronic advance, the transmission is a six-speed, the front suspension features a 41mm fork and a 4.3 inches travel while the rear suspension features a Pro-Link single shock. We could also point here the digital instrumentation of 2013 Honda CBR 500R, the full LCD with a digital speedometer and tachometer, a clock, an odometer as well as other “nice to have” features. Add the halogen lights, the aerodynamic shape (the super-sport styling, borrowed from 600cc), the stepped two piece seat and the 320 mm disk brake and you can call Honda CBR 500R a winner.

Seat height is 30.9 inches, dry weight is 425 pounds, the bike meets the current EPA standards (while California versions meets CARB standards)

There are 3 versions of 500cc Honda CBR bikes: 500R (this one here, the ideal mid sized sportbike as Honda calls it, starting at $5999), 500X (adventure, baby, starting also at $5999) and CBR500F ($5499) I know Honda CBR 500R is not as famous as it’s brother, the 600cc bike, but it surely has some good points to mention, as stated above and for sure it has a lot of fans and riders worldwide.

Actually, when reading about CBR500R, one of the facts I noticed is that riders keep on calling this bike a “fun bike to ride”, it’s kind of a general opinion and this is true for beginners and for experienced riders also. There must be something there, they can’t all be wrong! And after all, it’s a Honda CBR, so, following brand tradition, a real crotch rocket. right?

Honda XBR 500
Honda XBR 500
Honda XBR 500
Honda XBR 500

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