The 2015 edition of the American International Auto Show that took place in Detroit has seen quite a new array of models being unveiled. Different builders came out with the models they want to release in 2016 and just by taking a quick look we can see that they cater to all the needs of U. S. people.

One of these models is the Sonata Plug-in Hybrid announced by Hyundai through which the manufacture plans to take the eco market by storm. This car has a 2 liter four-cylinder engine and also comes equipped with an electric motor which is said to be more powerful than in older versions. Also Hyundai equipped the Sonata Plug-in with a bigger batter so it can go around 22 miles on battery alone. The standard charging time is 5 hours if using a household outlet that put out 120 volts, however it can be cut in half when using a 240 volt outlet. This model is announced to hit the market in the last part of 2015 and will be available only in certain states of the U. S.

Toyota also announced a new and improved version of the Tacoma which has been redesigned all over and as per Toyota statement will be a worthy competitor in category – compact pickup trucks. The new Tacoma will come with two different engine options, either a 2.7 liter 4 cylinder or a 3.5 liter V6. Toyota also revised the suspension system and it is believed that it will offer a smoother ride than previous versions. The Tacoma will also come equipped with a GoPro camera for anyone who wants to record their rides.