A Top Safety Pick+ Award has been given to the 2017 Audi A4 thanks to its improvement in notoriously improved performance at an overlap test. There were five main crash tests where the new Audi A4 scored at the top.  This is a big shot from the 2016 model that performed poorly on the small overlap test last year.  The award was presented by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)

The high-acceleration car offers a state of the art braking technology (automatic braking) that promises to prevent collisions with pedestrians or other cars at speeds of up to 52 mph.  The new A4 is all about safety and performance.  It is advanced technology put to the service of preventing injure during collisions and reducing the chance of a collision itself. 

Besides the five main categories, the new A4 Audi sedan scored SUPERIOR due the great results in front crash prevention. This is the highest score the agency offers for this category.

During the tests, the tester was able to prevent a crash when travelling at 12 mph. For the 25 mph test, the A4 was able to reduce the speed of an impact by 22 mph.

This proves Audi’s commitment to offering a vehicle that provides the ultimate safety to its users.  It is safe to say then that the vehicle has come a long way from its predecessor.  The use of technology in the braking system has paid off as it offers extra safety in the event of not being able to suddenly brake at a regular speed.

However, the IIHS not only rates crash prevention – there is also a category for headlights. However, this evaluation has no effect on earning the TSP Award. Last year Audi got an evaluation of “Marginal” but this year it was evaluated as “Acceptable”.