When it come to recalls, last year broke several records, it was like every week a different automaker was issuing out a statement pulling back their cars by the millions so as to fix defects, which ranged from being minor to extremely dangerous, with the car.

Although recalls became the in thing in 2014, it doesn’t compare to some of the biggest recalls which have occurred in the past. New data released earlier this week by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that there have been 803 recalls made that involved 63.9 million vehicles, including two recalls which involved the largest number of vehicles in history.

The two recalls involved GM and Honda. GM issued out a recall due to an ignition switch defect while Honda issued out a recall due for a potentially Takata air bags. The two recalls involved more than 10 million cars, with GM having 5.8 million of their cars being recalled and Honda 5.4 million.

Here are the 5 biggest automotive recalls ever:
5. General Motors
In 1981 General Motors recalled 5.82 million cars due to faulty control arms.
4. General Motors
5.87 million Vehicles were recalled by General Motor in 2014 due to a defect with its ignition switch.
3. General Motors
Again General Motors made it in our list thanks to its recall which saw 6.7 million vehicles being called back due to engine mounts.
2. Ford
In 1996, car maker Ford did a recall that saw 7.9 million vehicles being returned to the car manufacturer due to defective ignition.
1. Ford
The first position belongs to Ford which saw 21 million cars being returned to the carmaker for rolling away.