Aprilia Scarabeo 125
Aprilia Scarabeo 125

Aprilia Scarabeo 250ie

First thoughts- 34km on the clock. Wonderful. I needed an upgrade from 125 to 250 because I’m spending more time on freeways. This scooters’ behaviour at higher speeds is everything I hoped. (I hadn’t taken it for a test ride before purchase, but I had read the review on scootercentral.com.au and others.) I wouldn’t describe the handling as ‘heavy’, just ‘sweet’. It very much more of a cruiser than my old ride- Aprilia Sportcity 125.

At 100km/h, the Sportcity felt it was at the end of it’s tether. It seemed to scream Arrrrgggghhhhh while the 250 says Hmmmmm. It’s not just the increased engine size either- at 6ft tall I find the Scarabeo just fits me better. More foot room, taller steering head, longer length.

I had the optional short adjustable windscreen fitted, and I believe the chrome supports and slightly tinted plastic looks classy, as well as being very functional.

The build quality also (in my view) puts the Scarabeo in a different league from the Sportcity. It’s more like a proper motorbike than a scooter, if you know what I mean. Every detail seems well thought out.

The Sportcity (2006 italian built model, not the cheaper Asian Sportcity One, which I can’t help cringing at) had warped plastic panels- the black shroud around the front forks and the fairing glove compartment. These never bothered me, but I realised I could do nothing to align them. Every part of the Scarabeo seems of a higher quality.

The instrument cluster is clear and easy to read, and I like the classic look. The electronic display may look slightly out of place, but works well. The only real criticism is the trip meter button location- you have to take one hand off the grips, and it’s closer to the right than the left hand grip, but I’ll see how well I cope with that later down the track.

And maybe the recesses for the three dials may fill up with water, but it hasn’t rained yet.

On the ride home from the dealer, the warning light illuminated, and stayed on until the bike was reset/ re-started about 20mins later. I kept riding, because the temperature, brakes, lights, EFI, engine power and electrics all seemed perfect. It hasn’t come on since.

I’ll continue to monitor it, but I’m sure the Aprilia dealer will happily deal with a problem, if indeed there is one.

As for the brake (possible) issue I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll wait until I get some feedback from other owners before I draw a conclusion.

I’ve found I get less people turning heads as I ride past, but that may be the colour (black) more than anything else, as my Sportcity was orange.

For 2010, the 250cc is dropped in favour of a 300cc engine. So far, I believe I made a very good choice. Only time will tell.

Aprilia Sportcity 125 2007.

Aprilia Scarabeo 250 2010.

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