Bajaj Pulsar 150 ES DTS-i UG

Dilemma. Pulsar 150 DTSi or Unicorn ?

Everyone wanting to buy a new bike nowadays have in majority, in their minds, 4 recommendations. They want style, power and mileage/average, and affordability .

Now. there are very few bikes that offer all 4 of them completely. They are none other than Indias hottest at the moment, Pulsar twins and our new hardy boy, Honda Unicorn. Well, I know I cant compare between the 180 DTSi and Unicorn, what I am trying to write down here is a complete comparison between 150DTSi and Unicorn.

Reading this review will tell you, which one to buy. I am sure u will make a desicion at the end of reading this review.

I don-t want to give any other detailed specifications of the 2 bikes -cos most of the reviews and ofcourse readers will have some idea about them.

I will explain the practical drivers experience

of our reviewers recommend us as I have driven both of them and have come to some conclusions..which will help you to buy the bike of your choice, your likings and closer to your characteristics.

Firstly there is this information I would like to pass on. The Pulsar DTSi was designed and innovated by a student named Mr. Ibrahim Joseph graduated in Mechanical Engg. from MANIT(Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology), Bhopal, formerly REC(Regional Engg college). college in which I am studying now.

The Pulsar physiques are slightly smaller than Unicorn as Unicorn has a larger tank. and ofcourse. on the whole slightly bigger than Pulsar. The weights are approx. same(dry wt 140kg). PLEASE NOTEhere I am comparing Unicorn with the new Pulsar 150DTSi with short handles, fat tyres and alloy wheels(BY DEFAULT, ES MODEL).

The old Pulsar was felt heavy while the new one has far lighter feeling, and the best thing is. it is absolutely perfectly balanced. compared to old Pulsar. It is so much more comfortable because u will actually experience the joy in handling it, you will be thrilled, where as Unicorn handling is equally comparable to Pulsar due to its mono suspension (NOT THE FIRST IN INDIA, MIND YOU. ), as is given in other reviews).

But drivers too dont want too light feeling because. the more light feeling you get, the bike driving thrill is lost, it is a fact(Eg. secret of success of enfield models*). Due to which Pulsar is much more STURDY than Unicorn.

So for the handling and city driving pleasure I would go for Pulsar. Other reason is the gear shift from 1st to 2nd in Unicorn, its too inconvenient driving in the city with such long shifts. Pulsar overtakes Unicorn there too.

Pulsar has unique genuineness while Unicorn is hybrid, physically of course. Unicorn is a clear copy of Wind 125 and CBZ and slight Karizma at the rear. This has been mentioned by the company itself. Pulsar is slightly more attractive than Unicorn in the side view, due to Pulsars attractive plastic body figures, absoltely FAB.

Unicorn is strictly far behind looks compared to Pulsar 150DTSi (Unicorn is fitted with spokes and not alloy wheels, it actually spoils the whole look, while it gives the complete look to Pulsar).Pulsar from the rear 3/4 view is stunning. Again, Unicorn is defeated.

Indian riders are men, wanting a manly sound from their bikes. It is in their blood. Unicorn is actually close to silent, while Pulsar has the definitely MALE. sound, clearly not disturbing. here it is under user discretion. people do like silent engines.

But in the Indian market. Pulsar tends to beat Unicorn in this arena too.

Now there is a slight problem with Pulsar, not all ofcourse. The gear shifter tends to slip gradually, and down to neutral, very rarely, but yes. this happens. It is a little dissappointing as to why this happens. but can be easily fixed.

It is not an issue, dont worry, there is NO OTHER PROBLEMS IN PULSAR WHILE UNICORN HAS LOTS OF STUFF MISSING IN IT. UNICORN DOES NOT HAVE TRIP METER, SIDE STAND INDICATOR, ( I think self starters are releasing nowadays in Unicorn) and also gear shift timing is slightly longer.

Now the average that Unicorn seem to return is 50 -53 (the actualy figures tested on road) while the new PULSAR clearly gives nothing less than 58 kms/lt. I am quoting –does not give ANYTHING LESS THAN 58– expect only more. The alloy wheels and short handle, and smaller wheel base gives higher comfort ride, more mileage, clearly marvellous.

Headlights and other parts are equally good, stunning infact. i would rather mention some parts of Unicorn has better quality

of our reviewers recommend us than that of Pulsar. After all, its Honda.

The silencer of the Unicorn is again quite larger than that of Pulsar. Pulsar has a highly sporty look due to its perfectly sized silencer and figure. not equally stunning in the case of Unicorn.

The clutch in the case of Pulsar is slightly hard. stiff I say to be more precise.

Now, if you are a Honda fan and you find Unicorn quite interesting, you can buy Unicorn, no harm. But if you are neutral and you are not confident which one to buy..but you want a perfect driving experience. i think its Pulsar that I would recommend. the price is around 3000+ more than that of Unicorn, but its worth.

If you spend another 3000 apart from that, you can own Pulsar DTSi 180. Its the best on the roads. I think we have to wait for Hondas next bike. which may be able to actally BEAT Pulsar. but for now. there is no match for Pulsar in the real sense. its a fact.

Both vehicles dont give as much pick up or acceleration compared to Yamaha, but yes, both 150DTSi and Unicorn are very powerful, driving pleasure is way ahead of Yamaha mind you, I am not trying to compare Yahama here. In the market, 90% of users of Pulsar and Unicorn are college students.

Enjoy, hope my review will help you decide. I know I have biased towards to Pulsar DTSi in my review. well. thats exactly the case. Pulsar DTSi will get thumbs up compared to Unicorn if you ask me..or any other Pulsar 150 ES model users.

Again, this comparison is between the new Pulsar 150DTSi ES model and not SS.

Thanx once again, Best of Luck to all. you have any doubts about any bike, you may contact me, its my pleasure to assist.

Reviews based on my new bike Pulsar 150 DTSi ES model, black with TEFLON coat, and friends Unicorn.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 ES DTS-i UG
Bajaj Pulsar 150 ES DTS-i UG
Bajaj Pulsar 150 ES DTS-i UG
Bajaj Pulsar 150 ES DTS-i UG
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