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Benelli BN 302: youth empowerment

Calling it entry-level would be quite an understatement. Benelli BN302 is in fact much, much more. It’s definitely a bike designed for the young riders.

A bike created with the intent to satisfy who fell in love for the first time on two wheels more sporty and can no longer do without it. But once rode the BN302, even the most experienced rider, who drive usually vehicles of all sizes, power and displacement, have fun with a bike like that.

Slim, light and handy, BN302 is the two wheels which take confidence immediately. In the curves it is fast and snappy. In the rise and fall it is agile and responsive, behaving like a big motorcycle.

In the city, it becomes a excellent ally to “fight” the traffic of metropolis, where BN302 is undoubtedly able to distinguish itself from direct competitors.

The engine of BN302 is an in line two-cylinder, 4-stroke, with electronic fuel injection and timing system with overhead double camshaft and 4 valves. Signify performance are seen in power and torque data, respectively 37 Hp (27 kW) at 11500 rpm and 27 Nm (2.75 kgm) at 9000 rpm. Wet sump lubrication, oil bath clutch, 6-speed transmission with chain final drive add to the ingredients.

The fairing allows BN302 to have very sleek lines, for a feeling of great dynamism, even at the sight. Careful and elegant finishes and the light unit, classic and modern at the same time, complete a framework of absolute quality.

The frame is a steel trestle which, together with the size of the vehicle, provides the best manoeuvrability. The suspension system is entrusted to an inverted hydraulic damping shock absorber front fork ø 41mm and to a rear swingarm in steel pipes with rear shock absorber and spring preload adjustment.

The braking system of Benelli BN302 is of the high quality, to guarantee absolute safety in any condition: in front there is a twin disc of ø 260 mm, in the rear a single disc of ø 240 mm. The 17” aluminium alloy rims mount 120/70 and 160/60 tyres. The tank has a good 16 liters capacity.

BN 302 comes in orange and white and will be available next year second half. The price, sure to be very competitive, is still being defined.

Benelli BN 600 GT. travel companion

After the debut of new four-cylinder engine, for Benelli Q.J. the time has come to launch the GT version of the last naked born in Pesaro: the BN 600 GT. It is a forward-looking sport touring, mid-sized, the intelligent and smart motorcycle suitable for any type of rider, even for those approaching for the first time in the world’s great journeys, with the advantage to ride a 600cc, which means immediate guarantee of cost and consumption.

A bike easy, comfortable, versatile, with soft and sinuous forms, with which anyone can find a super confidence, appreciating immediately all the qualities. A perfect vehicle for those who, riding the two wheels, runs throughout the year many miles: BN 600 GT in fact can be considered as a viable alternative to the car for the life of every day and on weekends, this Benelli motorcycle became the ideal travel companion to escape from the routine of the city.

The heart of the BN 600 GT is the inline four-cylinder 4 stroke engine, liquid cooled, already seen in BN600R. It has a power of 82 hp (60 kW) @ 11.000 rpm and max. torque of 55 Nm @ 8000 rpm, with electronic injection and four ø 38 mm throttle bodies. Wet sump lubrication, wet clutch, 6 speeds gearbox and final chain drive. It has also a double overhead camshaft and 4 valves for each cylinder.

BN 600 GT has a 6-speed racing gearbox with precise, well-spaced gear engagement to achieve maximum performance.

To differentiate it from the other naked of series is undoubtedly the decomposable frame: the front is a steel trestle, the rear aluminium alloy casting, to lighten the frame. All of these features of BN 600 GT ensures to the rider a smooth and pleasant guide.

Suspension system is made of an upside-down front fork ø 50mm and a rear aluminium alloy swingarm with rear shock absorber in extension hydraulic and spring preload adjustment.

Maximum attention to safety with a top quality braking system with front ø 320 mm twin floating disk and radial callipers and rear ø 260 mm single disk with double piston calliper.

BN 600 GT has aluminium alloy 17’’ rims with 120/70 and 180/55 tyres. The dry weight is 223kg. The 27L capacity of the fuel tank is innovative and very important to allow the BN 600 GT rider to travel very long journeys in serenity.

BN 600 GT is presented in the colours white and black and will be available starting by mid-2014 at a really competitive price.

Benelli 250 Sport

Benelli BN600R Launch

BN600R is the latest evolution of Benelli Q.J, the new four-cylinder bike created to satisfy the desire for motorcycles and developed day by day to become a real jewel for preformance and quality.

The heart of the BN 600R is its innovatitive inline four-cylinder 4 stroke engine, liquid cooled, double overhead camshaft and 4 valves for each cylinder. The engine, with electronic injection and four 38mm throttle bodies, delivers a power of 82 hp @ 11,500 rpm and max. torque of 52 Nm @ 10,500 rpm. Wet sump lubrication, wet clutch, 6 speeds gearbox and final chain drive.

Without compromise, BN 600R is the bike agile and easy to handle for excellence, the motorcycle is dedicated to pure enjoyment. Riding this new four-cylinder is only a pleasure, especially when you are in the curves, where fun becomes an obligation. The sound of BN600R is unmistakably unique, genuine Benelli.

The naked frame is made of an upfront steel trestle and an aluminium structure at the rear suspension link, a guarentee of reliability under all circumstances. The suspension system is made of an upside-downMarzocchi fron fork, as in TNT and TRE-K models. In the rear we find an aluminium alloy swingarm with rear shock absober, Sachs adjustable in extension hydraulic and spring preload linked directly to the frame in order to follow unecen ground with total ease.

Top quality braking system with Brembo front 320mm twin floating disk and radial calipers, coupled with a rear 240mm single disk with double piston caliper. Aluminium aloy 17 rims with 120/70 and 180/55 tyres ensure safety even in the most difficult situations.

Benelli Q.J. @ Eicma 2012

New ideas, enthusiasm, great satisfaction. Benelli Q.J. has achieved excellent results on occasion of the 70th international motorcycle exhibition held in Milan from 13th to 18th November 2012. Therefore we want to thank all the people who came to visit our stand: professionals, journalists, dealers, importers and fans from around the world.

Day after day, these people have enriched our experience with their presence and ideas.

Lots of people have appreciated the new Benelli models on display at EICMA 2012, such as the new four- cylinder BN600, the wonderful UNO C 250 and the Motard 250. Obviously the big best-sellers of the company of Pesaro were also exhibited, such as the TNT range, that this year was presented with design updates and new colours, the TRE-K range and the scooters Pepe 50 4t, Macis, Caffenero, X125-150 and Zenzero.

The new Benelli e-bikes have been a great success. Classica, City Family and e-BX have attracted many visitors and experts arrived at the Milan exhibition, who have been intrigued and really pleased by the green revolution of the company of Pesaro. Lots of people have also tested the e-bikes in the reserved area of the Green Planet, assisted by the Benelli staff.

Extremely proud and happy about our participation at EICMA 2012 and the support received, Benelli invite you once again to visit our new website on, where you can also admire the most beautiful pictures of the event.

Benelli 250 Sport
Benelli 250 Sport
Benelli 250 Sport
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