Ducati Monster 1100 EVO


The monster comes of age. The eighteenth birthday he donated the strongest Ducati air-cooled V2 of all time, a refined ergonomics and other nice gifts, which gave him the additional title “Evo”.

First, the Street Fighter, then recently the Diavel. Muscular, evil-inspired naked bikes seem to have currently Ducati economy. A role that has been the monster reserved.

Which should therefore by no means pushed aside. No, Ducati knows the appeal of the Monster family in general and their leader in particular, and this can therefore bestowed a proper facelift. And rightly so.

For one was the Monster 1100 in the last year of the Multistrada the best-selling motorcycle. Second, it embodies like no other is the classic, pure driving machine. Free of unnecessary frills, committed to the unfiltered driving pleasure.

To maintain this, they received 20 millimeters higher arm mounts and a new contoured seat. Both can be retrofitted on the previous model, to stop the carping from the front wheel-oriented seating position very far. And a new air-cooled twin-1100s was implanted. Said that new is not. Basically it is the aggregate of the Hypermotard 1100 Evo.

Has, contrary to the previous monster drive pistons that increase the compression ratio of 10.7 to 11.3:1. Optimized intake ports and combustion chambers, which make the need for dual ignition, and camshafts. The flywheel of the 848 savings, alternator cover made of magnesium alloy and the Vacuralguss Enclosure 2.5-kilogram weight.

And now enjoy the convenience of the monster-tamer smooth APTC slipper clutch, which now bathes in motor oil.

Really new, however, is derived from the four-stage Superbikes traction control, ABS can be switched off as the factory here. And exhaust system that creates the bold sweep of the optical manifold bridge to Street Fighter and Diavel. It saves even one half a kilogram in weight and, together with the larger air box for stramme 95 hp in the papers. And for a great sound.

The pressure on the starter monsters answered the rich, contented babbling. The basst.Entspannt and with significantly less pressure on the wrists, it can be at the higher direct link through the chaotic bustle of the scarred streets of Catania. The fork handles sensitively the patch surprisingly, more exercise, the hardness is directly hinged to the strut.

So, get out of the city traffic, and onto the road that winds its way towards the magnificent snow-capped peaks of the deflections Etna. The L-Twin is crisp and right on the gas. In the lower gears it takes even speeds just under 2000 rpm not crooked.

Pleasantly but he runs around as soon as the LCD bar of the rev counter in the cockpit moderate-to-read 3 standards. From the 4 flowers on the two-valve engine. But only from 5500 rpm right he rolls up his sleeves. From there he presses ahead right perk up the speed ladder up to the governor.

The Monster Evo celebrates not the massive departure from the speed ground floor, but it builds on a strong middle and temperament out above.

As for who it quiet, the gentle and easy to calculate the onset of shear ranging from below. If the curve episodes but be defeated quickly, frequent switching is called for, so the speed does not fall under the 5. But this is thanks to the smooth clutch and precise gearbox not an act. Even at high speeds, take the measure and is not an unpleasant vibration of the twin is not rude loud.

Instead, his tone of bassy drums enters bicyclic hammers, unabashedly in the shift operation from the short mufflers to splash.

Soft appealing take the brake pads on the first grab something to focus. This is their right but also the sporting spirit, the strong bite that one wishes to set for late braking maneuvers, been lost. Normal speed is sufficient that vote entirely.

At very athletic gait but the stopper effect despite the high hand forces blunt.

Suspension systems, everything remained the same. And so far there are really no surprises, and yet it is amazing the difference it can make 20 mm handlebar height. One is nowhere near as much tension on the front wheel, the thing has loosely in his hand. And although the bar still retains its idiosyncratic crank, this bothers not nearly that bad. And because the new seat the pilot no longer so pushy push towards the tank, it scares away the monsters with marked laxity of the curves.

No question, the new seating arrangement you are doing extremely well. One hundred percent neutral while driving and not these monsters through the curves, a smooth train on the handlebars it still needs. But she denies himself the hassle in setting up lean almost completely.

The new Pirelli Diablo Rosso II, in the back equipped with dual-compound construction with soft rubber grip on the sides and plenty of harmony, very good.

The ease that gets to drive the sporty and relaxed riding position, makes powerful mood, and so the monster sailing with finely and precisely drawn arcs through the corners. Even if the fork in driving forward matched quite soft and the balance was not perfect. Time for some set-up work provided to the tight timetable unfortunately, it has to be thus shifted to the first test.

Drives steam valve on the driver it but sometimes too far, it is the traction control in tricky situations, like the rain across the roadway distributed volcanic soil, gentle regulating the side. What the fine first impression of the monster rounds Evo 1100. And that’s probably the best birthday gift.

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