Zongshen ZS125GY-10

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Posted 24 July 2009 – 12:51 AM

Since the Zongshen ‘Cyclone’ range is NEW. and Dealers only started getting hold of certain of these like the ZS110-60 U-bone . and the ZS125GY-10 Dual Sport towards the end of 2008, getting hold of photos proved difficult.

That is why anyone who did NOT check out the URL links and my Slideshow compilations on YouTube . wont have a clue about this new growing generation of Motorcycles built by the likes of Zongshen.

So most of your comments are based on what – this old generation of CHEAP Chinese motorcycles, rather the the Excellent value for Quality Motorcycles, with the likes of Zongshen Cyclone range.

This is far too much hard work, trying to wake some of you guys up, and try to get you amend your ideas-

Motorcycles with European flair and design, and a lot of attention to style and detail and QUALITY.

This came about with Zongshens copoperation and MOA with Piaggio of Italy, Derby of Spain, and Harley Davidson of USA. Nova design of Tiawan helped put together the new designs, in relatively short time frame.

The price is naturally higher accordingly for the improved design and quality.

For example in the UK the Zongshen Predator ZS125GY-10

Zongshen ZS125GY-10

� 1,399.99 (that is about Php112,000 ), which is actually a very good price for the UK, but much higher than any Chinese Motorcycle you may have come across to date.

It may well be cheaper than the UK price, imported into the Philippines, and is lower than an XR200 (but is only 125cc version, albeit water-cooled)

So please do yourself a favor and check either of the above slideshows out, especially the photo collection of the new ‘Dual Sport’ Zongshen Predator ZS125GY-10, taken from KOLOS-MS . Zongshen, Bulgaria Dealer

Having looked closely at the pictures of the motorcycles, If you are honest with yourself, I think you will have to admit this is a departure from the Chinese Motorcycles you think you know about, and seem to be commenting on.

I am trying to wake you up to realization of this new generation of improved DESIGN and QUALITY of Chinese Motorcycles from the likes of Zongshen.

Zongshen Predator ZS125GY-10

� 1,399.99

Zongshen Predator ZS125GY-10 CC. 125 CC Engine description. Single cylinder, 4 stroke, water cooled with CDI ignition Max power. 8.5 Kw @ 8500 rpm Seat height. 870 mm Gross weight. 115 kg Price (OTR). � 1499.00

Zongshen ZS125GY-10
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