Ducati Diavel

Ducati Diavel – Forged in Hell – Ownership Review

Ducati Diavel – Forged in Hell – Ownership Review

Hi Guys,

Been meaning to put this thread up for a couple of days now.

The story of my Diavel.

I was bowled over by the looks of the Diavel as soon as pictures started appearing on the internet. First rides and reviews only confirmed what I had hoped for: that it rode as good as it looked.

It took me a while to decide how and where to buy the bike from. Started doing research about Ducati India, and about possibility of direct import. The Desmo service and DDS (Ducati Diagnostic tool) resets for the services ruled out direct import.

This was no Harley that I can do almost everything at home.

Started getting a picture of the infamous Mr. AC and Precision Motors. Tried my best to avoid direct transaction with him, and opted to buy from Ducati Chandigarh, an about to be opened (at the time,

Jan 12) showroom and hoped that since they were new, they would have stock, etc. etc.

Well, I really want to believe Ducati Chandigarh because they have been helpful all along the way, but, they claim that Ducati India told them the bikes were ready in March, and I made full payment. Then the truth slowly started filtering out. The bikes were not even in country at the time, and myself and two of my friends, who I had managed to talk into buying Diavels as well had paid almost 3/4th of the full payment for 3 bikes and had no clue where the bikes are, a lot like the 795 booked customers have been feeling since about January.

A series of letters and threats to Ducati Italy, the CEO included, some of which was posted on Facebook by my friend and might have been seen by some of you, finally managed to trigger a response from Ducati India, and our three bikes were released in June.

But the slimy Mr. AC refused to give the Customs clearance papers with the bikes, and apparently taunted Ducati Chandigarh that he would like to see how we register the bikes. Well, I gave him the benefit of thinking that I could not and kept the bike in it’s box at home till last week, when my desired number came up for registration in Kerala. Used the Import policy rulings and other arguments to convince the RTO and managed to register the bike.

Thanks for nothing, Mr Ashish Chor dia.

Well, attached are some of the pics of the box, unboxing, and PDI. Did the PDI and all accessories were fitted at home by myself and my trusty mechanic K.

The bike is everything and more that I had wished for. Unbelievably nimble, extremely comfortable, mind blowing acceleration, brakes that feel like Gorilla paws, and a rear tire that allows unimaginable lean angles. I love it to bits.

Extremely easy to snake through traffic.

The only drawback I can see is the long wheelbase. No issue with ride quality, but maneuverability in tight spaces and while parking can be an issue. Especially if you have to push backwards and harder if you are not that tall like myself.

I believe there are quite a few Diavels available for sale in the batch that came with mine. Most of them Carbon Black, I think. Though highly attractive in Black, just could not resist the Carbon Red.

Well, it was a trip to Hell and back to get a Diavel, but the sweet feeling of that Desmodromic L Twin is worth everything.

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