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GAS GAS thank you for your confidence By choosing the new GAS GAS EC 125/ 200/ 250/ 300 you have just entered the great GAS GAS family and, as a user of the number one off-road motorbike manufacturer, you deserve the distinguished treatment that we wish to offer to you both in our after-sale relationship and in the explanations that we provide in this manual. Our EC 125/ 200/ 250/ 300 is a bike conceived for the practice of high-competition enduro.

It is actually the fruit of many years of competition and experimentation in this demanding discipline, as well as the many great successes achieved thanks to great trial riders who have contributed with their expertise to the basic data that have allowed us to create a high-level motorbike. Congratulations for making the right choice.

With your skills at the commands of this motorbike, an adequate preparation and the indispensable servicing for this GAS GAS to be highly reliable, you will be able to enjoy the most comfortable and rewarding enduro practice. Thanks for your confidence and welcome to GAS GAS Motos. February 2003

EC 2003 -64-

COMMON NOTICE Whenever you see the symbols shown below, heed their instructions! Always follow safe operating and maintenance practices. TO PROTECT THE FUTURE OF YOUR SPORT, MAKE SURE YOU USE YOUR BIKE LEGALLY, SHOW CONCERN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, AND RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF OTHER PEOPLE.

Off-road motorcycle riding is a wonderful sport, and we hope you will enjoy it to the fullest.

WARNING This warning symbol identifies special instructions or procedures which, if not correctly followed, could result in personal injury, or loss of live.

CAUTION This caution symbol identifies special instructions or procedures which, if noto strictly observed, could result in damage to or destruction of equipment.

NOTE This note symbol indicates points of particular interest for more efficient and convenient operation.


However, if improverly conducted, the sport has the potential to cause environmental problems as well as conflicts with other people. Responsible use of your off-road motorcycle will ensure that these problems and conflicts do not occur.

EC 2003 -65-


Foreword. 64 Common notice. 65 Table of contents. 66 Specifications. 67 Location of Components. 69 Side Stand. 71 Fuel. 71 Serial number. 73 Starting the engine. 73 Shifting gears. 74 Stopping the motorcycle. 75 Table of maintenance. 76 Ignition timing. 78 Cooling system. 78 Spark plug. 81 Transmission. 81 Air cleaner. 83 Throtlle cable. 84 Carburetor. 84

Clutch. 85 Silencer packing change. 85 Drive chain. 86 Handlebar. 88 Brakes. 89 Steering. 90 Steering blocade. 91 Front fork. 92 Rear suspension. 95 Wheel. 97 Cleaning. 98 Bolt and nut tightening. 99 Lubrication. 101 Tunning (Carburetor and suspension)..102 Preparation check. 111 Storage. 112 Gas Gas speedo instructions. 112 Troubleshooting. 114 Warranty regulations. 118

SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE Engine 125 cc. Bore and stroke Displacement in cubic centimeters Engine 200 cc. Bore and stroke Displacement in cubic centimeters Engine 250 cc.

Bore and stroke Displacement in cubic centimeters Engine 300 cc. Bore and stroke Displacement in cubic centimeters Type Carburetor Lubrication system Starting system Ignition system Ignition timing Spark plug TRANSMISSION Transmission type Clutch type Driving system Gear Ratio 2 cycle, single cylinder, crank case induction, liquid cooled 54 x 54.5 mm. 124 cc. 62.5 x 65 mm. 199,4 cc.

66.4 x 72 mm. 249,3 cc. 72 x 72 mm. 294,7 cc. KEIHIN PWK 38 Fuel premix (ratio) (50:1)(2%) Kick start pedal CDI system. 1 mm APMS. NGK BR8EG 6 speed Multidisc in oil bath, hidraulic actuation Chain 1 2.071(29/14) 2 1.625(26/16) 3 1.333(24/18) 4 1.100(22/20) 5 0.913(21/23) 6 0.791(19/24) 2.85 (57/20) 3.692 (48/13) 8.149 (6th gear)

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