Ducati 848 EVO

EVOlution: Ducati 848 EVO

In larger families, younger is not always lucky. From whatever side you look at – no luck! We have to continue wearing clothing for seniors, finish the game in their toys, and always are on them.

However, the youngest still like more.

Statistics – a stubborn thing: before 1199 Panigale’s most popular brand in Europe sport bikes Ducati was not a top-end» 1198SP, and certainly a more modest 848 EVO. I must say, and we have too. Is it because in the two years since the debut, find available for the test Evo for the Russian dealer and failed? It may well be.

But the meeting did take place. Let him for this and had to go to Italy – Autodrom on Adria International Raceway.

Sports Complex Adria ultrafast not call. At the end of the longest start-finish line on the screen is rarely an electronic speedometer corner of my eye fix speed above 215 km / h But here in abundance turns at varying degrees of steepness of the second and third gear, where the main differences between the generations are especially pronounced.

On the surface – that is eight hundred and forty-eighth of the sample in 2007 (Moto» № 10-2010). The same complex conjugate, while the harmonious surfaces of authorship Zhan Andrea Fabbri. All the same frame, suspension, wheels. almost no change.

But against the backdrop of revolutionary design Panigale 848 EVO, who in an instant classic, does not look outdated, but the soul still feels genuine delight to behold. Perhaps one of the most beautiful sport bikes. And unmistakably – Ducati!

Belonging to make you feel even at a glance – to touch, sit in the saddle. Spacious and balanced workplace pilot was perfectly familiar. The body is significantly tilted forward, but without excessive fanaticism.

The high steps and klipony moderate width. Sit comfortably, but. not for the urban environment. And what is for the track? Total second ago you were still crushed, hidden from oncoming traffic at a low glass Italian, and only a moment later straightens her shoulders, walking up towards the dense air and slow down speed before the next arc.

And this transition from one state to another is so natural, that does not require focus attention on the details. Everything is as it should be: the body is tightly connected with the bike, your hands are free. There was no stiffness.

The new engine is 848 EVO carefully instills that worked hard on it, the same group of engineers, which was then about a year to light in 1199 has identified Panigale. In fact, cost the classic easy tuning: upgraded intake and exhaust channels in cylinder heads, revised form of the combustion chamber and piston, raised the compression ratio to 13,2:1 (vs.

12:1 before), borrowed from the older sport in 1198 with the injection unit elliptical cone of larger diameter (equivalent to – Ø60 mm) and increased valve overlap (from 253 ° to 257 °) and lift (intake – from 11.5 mm to 13 mm, the issue – from 10.7 mm to 11.6 mm). The result of the works, according to documents is modest: in addition there were only six forces and two newton-meters.

But by the standards of Ducati 848 EVO is going very well! Short-deuce with the idle surging dry exhaust rumbles. However, to enjoy the low-frequency baritones do not want to – contrary to the linear nature of the growth of power below 5000 rev / min the power unit is similar to a sleepy, lazy cat.

Therefore, in order to rouse him, and to achieve the desired speed, and simultaneously feel the promised increase of forces, with the throttle has to be bolder, assertive. Benefit of setting injection permit. That’s when the real wake up, dramatic voice and nature. The motor roars voluptuously under the hood, groaning under the discharge of gas and choking in the discharge nozzles at full throttle is closed. By simple manipulations like the Ducati engineers have awakened in him an appetite!

Now he eagerly swallows momentum and is unusually early in the limit 11 300 rev / min, which rests on the soft limiter. But in order to revel in the dynamics and acoustics of the time, need to blame all the time, constantly snapping taut, demanding shall be sent to gearbox. After all, no less characteristic of V2 «Meat middle is not – all the passion of the motor to the summit, after seven thousand.

Peak power accounts for 10 500 rev / min. As if this is not a twin at all!

Sorry, Ducati racing slipper clutch was not acquired. Okay least one of the basic version, which is a savings habit is perceived as a marketing ploy. But they were deprived, and advanced 848 EVO Corse SE, flaunting Öhlins shock absorber, and traction control as standard immediately.

Already on it, we could become generous! And if all tied to the budget – for the sake of such a coupling could be sacrificed ‘trekshenom. Especially since the market aftermarket offering such units for a long time, and Sigma, and STM.

Nevertheless, considering not the most impressive volume of cylinders, the lack of Slipper-clutch makes itself felt infrequently. Basic rule – do not overdo it with the hard engine braking, and carefully measure the transmission (Digitek instrumentation is not capable of displaying their number), so sorry its valves and do not kink the motor.

But the behavior of the 848 EVO on the track, in fact, remained the same. Clear and intuitive. With a translucent touch of stubbornness.

Ducati 848 EVO

The way forward Changeling» Showa work out assault on curbs and aggressive braking, even on the stock setting, worthy of respect. As, however, and the rear bumper of the same brand, which you can criticize only inconvenient access to the rebound adjustment screw (through a hole in the swingarm). Moreover, the level of Feedback Cancellation (feedback) from the suspension is quite sufficient!

It is not high end of authoritative experts from the Italian company Andreani, who have eaten more than one peck of salt for finishing Öhlins, but not a banal consumer goods. And if you find a spring under the weight of the pilot, I suspect they will earn even better.

As before, Ducati raises the arc with the light fraction obstinacy, requiring a firm hand, which is especially noticeable in the rapid resurfacing and sharp heels. Although, it seems that this defect was substantially smoothed by a sharper profile of the new tire Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP. However, it should make the bike start to turn – and he had a really pleasant surprise in the stability of rock slope without any attempt to withdraw from the trajectory.

After two or three laps on the track technically Adria comes confidence. I’m doing with the bike that I want – and it helps me! The behavior is equally well and predictably in all stages of cornering. He just does not have to stop!

Paradoxically, tested a few months earlier Panigale S in some cases forced to adapt to barely expressed in the nervous habits, while the EVO – almost a monolith! Probably, there is a strong contribution not only brought down the chassis, but the steering damper and unregulated, also borrowed from the model 1198. Maybe – because of the active intervention of the entire track day I have not felt.

Among other things, to eleven ninety-eight at the same time was brakes Brembo: monobloc four-piston calipers and radial disc diameter 320 mm (EVO Corse SE – 330 mm). Against the background of the other improvements that is what is most appropriate and most effective. To compound matters brackets do not occur exclusively in the civil service, for the sport they were frankly a little.

Now it seems that under the right arm hidden almost all the brakes of the world, whose clarity and information content is not exactly clear. No ABS do not!

And what happens in general? I’m afraid to praise the younger superbike» Ducati. How many times before, when on his return from the presentation of a greenhouse test would talk excitedly about the technique, and when confronted with direct competitors all turning into the other side.

By the way, they are not so much: Suzuki GSX-R750, Triumph Daytona 675R and. everything! But at the moment. For me, Ducati «eight to four to eight-evolution – the quintessence of pure, unobscured communication drivers, cars and roads. And the fact that it acts in its own league, does not fit into the framework of international sports classes – not scary. The popularity is not affected by this.

Just in case this is not the main figures, and emotions.

Ducati 848 EVO: sport bike, 2012, 849.4 cm ³, 140 hp, 194 kg, 831 thousand rubles.

Upgrading the engine Testastretta Evoluzione allowed to take off his 140 hp and 98 Nm. However, the entire gain – only to top.

Ducati 848 EVO
Ducati 848 EVO
Ducati 848 EVO
Ducati 848 EVO

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