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Gilera Nexus 300 test

January 29, 2012 | Filed under: Gilera | Posted by: Rana Abaidullah

By winning 34 cm3 and a front rim 15 ‘, Gilera scooter refines its average capacity. Natural evolution of the excellent version 250 cm3, he will meet finally the success it deserves?

It will be particularly careful to distinguish the new version of Nexus mid-size of the former. Outside diameter of the front rim raised to 15 inches, no change is visible outside. There are so happy all the ingredients that made the Nexus 250 ie a very attractive scooter GT-Sports: effective protection, complete equipment, a sleek look and a frame up to the claims of the craft.

So many inside and held the most important developments. As Vespa, Gilera is part of the Piaggio group. It is therefore not surprising to find in the Nexus Quasar 300 engine, which already equips the Vespa GTS 300 Super.

The name 300 is primarily intended to demarcate the new Nexus of its predecessor, the 250. Indeed, the single-cylinder 278 cm3 cube in reality. Still developing 22.4 bhp, an increase in displacement is intended to increase the maximum torque.

Up almost 14%, it rises to 6,000 rev / min, 500 r / min lower than before.

A velvet hand …

This gain in torque associated with a particularly soft transmission allows Nexus to benefit from a seamless acceleration from the first meters, although the Vespa is a bit more demonstrative in the same conditions. Linearity that provides comfort in what she takes off in character, so much so in fact that we must keep an eye on the counter in town. Indeed, a few meters is sufficient to exceed 50 km / h regulations.

Always as effective acceleration from 30 to 70 km / h, the Gilera Nexus 300 then takes a sharp upward on version 250 to 140 km / h. So you are sure you can even more effectively than you or insert smoothly on highways. Enjoy while the top speed, about 145 km / h meter, almost identical to the Nexus 250. Without being exceptional, but it allows to survey the highway without a second thought. At this rate, the single piston back and forth at a rate of 9000 rpm / vibration-parasite spoils the serenity that gives you the chassis ( which could collect much more ).

With tachometer graduated to 11 000 r / min and a maximum speed recorded on the onboard computer of 154 km / h, we expected a little better. However, we must resign ourselves to wait for the next descent, wind at your back slowly to scrounge a few extra miles per hour. Finally undemanding everyday, especially since you can stay at the legal speed at all times.

With an average of 3.4 l/100 km, this scooter will allow you to travel nearly 350 km before entering the reserve. Autonomy that he wanted many competing models, scooters and bikes alike.

… in an iron glove

If the motor side, there is still a little unsatisfied, the chassis it is up to the task of the sporty look of the machine. Just remember that the frame is identical to the Model 500, almost twice as powerful, to be convinced. Very stiff suspensions and associated with effective, it allows for a driving really fast. In addition, Gilera took into account the remarks made concerning the almost excessive vivacity of the front of the model 250.

The front wheel has gained an inch and bring a little more rigor in the developments at slow speed without sacrificing maneuverability really.

Gilera Nexus 250

A high speed, the rim 15 inches and 14-inch counterpart mounted at the rear part in the imperturbable directional stability. Finally conduct similar to that of a motorcycle: the Nexus is controlled by moving body weight and moves the eye. In short, both precise and rigorous, this borders on the chassis without fail. As lacking power and feeling, braking, for its part seems a bit tight.

Against in-game, he will avoid some nasty surprises on slippery surfaces.

Larger than T Max

Finally, we enjoyed the space under the seat. By removing the small front compartment, the manufacturer was able to provide a useful volume sufficient to store a full face helmet and a lock easily and documents A4 or rain pants. The Nexus is much better than eg Yamaha T-Max, however, more imposing. However, to gain some space, the thickness of the foam was decreased in the center of the seat. Combined with a large seat height (815 mm), comfort is much smaller riders behind.

Drivers will be less than 1.70 m embarrassed and enjoy a more welcoming sitting in its posterior part, the lower back propped by the small backsplash.

When passion is synonymous with reason

Beautiful, friendly and efficient, if not conclusive, the Gilera Nexus 300 then consolidates the strengths of its predecessor in an attempt to attract a wider audience. Performance, the rigor of its road manners and its overall effectiveness as well as in town on the main, provide it with undeniable advantages on the best scooter 125 cm3.

Practical aspects improved its fuel economy and price list are also a serious alternative to maxi-scooters, certainly more efficient but much less economic. An argument in this recession. Finally, the template content, equipment design and cared for, may well convince some to abandon their urban bikers for enhancing basic Gilera, more efficient and more manageable.

Gilera Nexus 250
Gilera Nexus 250

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