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Buyers of Honda Civic Natural Gas to receive $3K fuel card

12 Oct

With the scary, increasing prices of fuel, Honda decided to run a promo to attract buyers of their Civic that runs on natural gas. The Japanese automaker invites consumers to buy their Civic Natural Gas Vehicle and enjoy a debit card pre-loaded with $3K worth of fuel.

Of course, like any other promotions, you need to read the small prints. The card will only be accepted at fueling stations of Clean Energy CNG across the United States. There are about 150 Clean Energy fuel stations in the U.S. forty of which are in California.

Base on recent surveys of prices of fuel, the average price of natural gas automotive fuel in July was pegged at $2.05 per equivalent gallon of gasoline.

Honda also points out that the Civic NGV, although under a Japanese brand, is made in their Greensburg factory in the U.S. They added that about 98% of the natural gas being used up in the country is produced domestically.

Under the hood of the Civic NGV is a variant of the 1.8L powerplant similar to the regular model but designed to run on natural gas. The engine can output 110 horsepower and returns a combined fuel mileage of 31 miles per gallon or about 7.6 liters for every 100 kilometers. The fuel rating is identical to the 1.8L petrol models with manual transmission.

According to Honda, the Civic running on natural gas will be able to cover 200 miles or 320 kilometers consuming one tank but driving conditions and driving style should still be factored in.

The Civic NGV is doing well in California where the sales of natural gas rides is at an all time best as the public gains awareness about the benefits of alternative fuels.

The Civic NGV has a sticker price of $26,305 not including the destination charge of $790. The base 1.8L Civic Sedan costs $15,955 while the Civic Hybrid has a tag price of $24,200 without destination fees.

N BOX+ by Honda goes on sale in Japan

11 Jul

Honda recently announced that the sales of the N BOX+ has started in Japan this week. This mini vehicle is the second model of the N Series known to have the biggest interior space in its segment. The N BOX+ revolves around the concept of exploring new possibilities.

The big cargo area of the vehicle was further enhanced by combining the packaging technology of Honda, center-tank layout, and the new engine. Loading and unloading of luggage is easier by using an aluminum slope tat can be attached to the sloped floor. The space can be configured to have a very versatile arrangement using different sizes of boards.

The innovative ideas give the N BOX+ a character that can answer the needs of different customers that may have varying needs and uses for the vehicle. The mini vehicle is ideal for daily routines, those with special needs for their ride, and recreational activities.

The N BOX+ has a two-tone paint finish using different combos for its roof and body. This body finish allows consumers to express themselves in a fun way thru the vehicle.

The N BOX was considered as the mini mini-van by Honda. The vehicle makes most of the spaciousness and ride comfort to appeal to consumers. These factors were well received by customers especially those with families and kids.

Since December 2011, the manufacturer has sold 100,000 units of the N BOX.

The N BOX+ still features the three-cylinder engine that outputs 660cc in turbocharged or naturally aspirated form. It has an all-wheel or front-wheel drive configuration.

The N BOX+ has a sticker price of $16,900 in Japan. It is being offered in three different variants. It comes as the N BOX+ Base, Custom, or 2-Tone Color Style.

2014 Honda, Acura will adopt 9-speed automatic gearbox of ZF by 2014

23 Apr

While the car is still in the works, and Honda has been focusing on dual-clutch gearbox and CVTs, that doesn’t mean that none of their car models would carry a conventional automatic transmission anymore. As a matter of fact, insiders say that the Honda Acura could carry a 9-Speed Automatic transmission by German firm ZF when it rolls out in 2014.

This was earlier reported in 2011, but it was not so clear on whether the manufacturer would use an 8- or a 9-speed gearbox. Now, it has been reported that Honda is leaning to the latter, more powerful automatic gearbox. The manufacturer for the automatic, who has been unknown a few years ago, was also revealed to be the German company ZF.

Does the gearbox sound familiar? It actually is because it was actually showcased by Chrysler and the same gearbox will appear in a number of Fiat/Chrysler vehicles in the next few years. While Chrysler officials have been mysteriously keeping quiet about the subject, insiders have also revealed that the Liberty under the Jeep brand would be carrying this new transmission.

ZF calls this gearbox the 9HP. It is perfect for the front and AWD platforms, and has an impressive torque of 354 pound-feet. The gear spread of this box is at 9.84:1 which is quite wide and is said to make the vehicle more fuel-efficient. It’s not as wide a berth as the 25% Ford is promising, but 10%- 16% of fuel savings is still quite significant. The perfect engine paired with this gearbox should have 1900 rpm.

Should this be achieved, the vehicle could run as fast as 75 miles an hour.

Honda executives, when interviewed, also refused to confirm or to deny their use of this gearbox on one of their 2014 vehicle. However, they do have lines which would be perfect for the gearbox. This includes the Acura, Odyssey and the Pilot.

Honda works on Civic SUV crossover

16 Jan

Honda is currently developing a Civic SUV crossover which will meet head on the successful Nissan Qashqai. The Japanese car manufacturer is also hoping to boost its profits in Europe especially in the UK where their sales figures have dropped by as much as 50% in the last three years. The new Honda crossover will be a blend of Civic and the CR-V.

We do not know yet how this new Honda crossover will be called but it will be using a tweaked version of the platform used by the Honda Civic. The new Civic SUV will be sold starting 2013. We can expect the design lines of the new Honda Civic with details like the narrow headlamps or the soft lines of the wheelarches.

The front end of the vehicle might borrow elements from the concept car called Skydeck MPV with the underbody guard. For the interior, the crossover will be having rear flip up seats.

According to initial reports the new Honda crossover will have a higher riding clearance and will be easy to handle, thanks to its Civic influences. The stiff subframe on the rear plus the bushes filled with fluid help keep the handling sharp and the ride smoother.

Honda will put its 1.6L i-DTEC powerplant under the hood of the crossover. It is capable of giving out 118bhp with a torque of 300 NM. The carbon dioxide emission is at 110 grams for every kilometer while the fuel mileage is reported to be at 70 miles per gallon.

The efficiency might be attributed to a well designed power steering setup and a stop start system.

The more potent 147 bhp 2.2L i-DTEC powerplant will also be available plus another option to go for the 1.8L gasoline dependent engine that gives out 138 bhp.

Honda will have their marketing centered on their new generation of hybrid technologies which we might see being used on this newcomer. There could be an electric motor on the rear wheels to give it an all wheel drive version. The Japanese car manufacturer is also working on plug-in hybrid setup for their bigger vehicles, and according to some source the new crossover might get this.

The crossover is expected to have a tag price around the area of £17,000. It might hit the showrooms by next year.

Honda unveils new Insight Hybrid in the U.S. with better fuel economy

21 Oct

During the recent auto show in Frankfurt, Japanese car manufacturer Honda unwrapped the revised Honda Insight Hybrid 2012 model year that is hit to hit the shores of the United States.

Honda now accepts orders for the 2012 Insight which implemented cosmetic improvements for both the exterior and interior of the car. The Insight also features additional features for some models and also boast of an additional 1 mpg fuel mileage across its range. The sticker price for the 2012 Honda Insight is currently at $19,120 which includes handling and destinations fees amounting to $770.

There is just a minor increase of $150 from the 2011 Insight.

The designers of the new Honda Insight restyled the front grille of the vehicle incorporating a blue accent bar. The bumpers on both ends were also revised. Other changes include improved headlights, graphics of the brakelight, and enhancements under the body of the car improve its aerodynamics.

The new look is completed by the new design for the alloy wheels and new look of the wheel covers.

The upgrades of the equipment of the Insight involves map lights and audio controls on the steering wheel for te LX variant. The EX gets automatic headlights, Bluetooth connectivity, and leather treatment for the shifting know and the steering wheel.

The car is still powered by the IMA system made up of the iVTEC 1.3L engine partnered with the electric motor with an output of 10kW. The setup generates an output of 98 horsepower with a torque of 123 lb-ft. The engineers have also reduced the friction encountered by the CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission of the Insight.

The fuel mileage numbers are pegged at 40 mpg for city driving and 43 mpg for highway driving.

New Honda Civic Hatchback promises to be more versatile, heads to Frankfurt in September

03 Aug

Japanese carmaker Honda will put spotlight on the ninth generation Civic Hatchback for their European market in the Frankfurt Motor Show this year. Initially, Honda released initial pictures of the new hatchback in full camouflage

Honda Today

Honda aims to make this Civic hatchback more confident, verrsatile, and clever through good looks in perfect combination with great passenger and luggage space. The manufacturer claims that they have improved the ride comfort and quality compared to its older sibling.

The 2012 Civic hatchback will roll out the market some time next year.

The designers and engineers of Honda devoted a lot of effort to improve the handling and ride quality of the Civic hatchback by making significant improvements in its suspension system. The car has also been tested on the race tracks and streets subjecting it to different road conditions.

The Civic is still using a beam suspension system utilizing a rear torsion with fluid filled bushes to make sure of the big space for the cabin and improve the handling.

The Civic hatchback has the Volkswagen Golf, Opel Astra, and the Ford Focus as its main competitors in Europe.

Honda also disclosed that the new Civic hatchback and the new CR-V will be made in their Swindon factory in England. The volume of production will also be normalizing by September after the company experienced shortage of supplies following the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. The CR_V is expected to roll out by fall of 2012 in Europe or about a year after its US introduction.

Honda’s Profit Expectations Raised

01 Mar

Reports show that Honda Motor Co. has raised its expectations for its annual profit figures despite its enormous fall last year. Clearly, Japanese car company’s latest figures exceed great expectations from the market, zoning in on various U.S. markets to meet these new figures.

During the last quarter of year 2010, Honda Motors Co. has reported a staggering 29 percent fall at only $1.5 billion. Its previous reported yearly earnings were somewhere around 177 billion yen with an average of about 110 billion yen. According to Reuters, the figures were studied by seven financial analysts.

Competitor Nissan Motor Co. ran past Honda Motors Co. The latter ranked as the third largest car company in Japan in 2010. Today, Honda raised its operations profit expectations from 500 billion yen to 620 billion yen in its March 31 time table. Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S’s team of analysts made a forecast that Honda would reap in profits of around 594 billion yen.

Therefore, the car company raised their net profit forecasts from 500 billion yen to 530 billion yen.

Amazingly, Honda’s expected profits in the span of nine months have exceeded the figures outlook for an entire year.

Due to the price hike for raw materials and the end of financial support for eco-friendly brand models, it is expected that Japanese car companies would report a painful downfall in the figures of its last quarter profits. Despite these forecasts, these companies have already taken deliberate actions in terms of cost-cutting and efficiency in manufacturing process and activities to counter these incoming challenges in the automobile industry.

Honda’s Cheapest Hybrid at US$18,600

01 Oct

News from the Land of the Rising Sun:  The Mainichi Shimbun and Shimbun newspapers in Japan state that Honda Motor Co. gave their new hybrid car with low, low price tag of only ¥1.59 million (that’s roughly US$18,600), which makes it the cheapest hybrid vehicle in Japan.  Soon, the new Honda Fit Hybrid might just be the most affordable gasoline-electric car in the United States and the world.

The US$18,600 price tag is still as staggering $3,500 lower when compared with the Honda Insight, the present cheapest hybrid in the market today.  It is also $4,600 lower compared to the conventional gasoline-chugging Fit.  While Japan’s market price does not always coincide with the US, Honda Fit Hybrid’s manufacturer’s suggested retail price might land somewhere around $17,000.

The Honda Fit Hybrid will carry an electric motor and a 1.3-liter engine. It is expected to achieve 70.6 mpg US, 3.3 L/100km with the fuel economy of 30 kilometers per liter.  However, the Fit Hybrid’s title of being the cheapest hybrid vehicle is challenged by Toyota’s plan to debut its compact hybrid in 2011.  Toyota’s hybrid will have the

price tag of around ¥1.5 million (that’s $17,554) and is expected to reach 40 kilometers per liter and 94 mpg US, 2.5 L/100km.  According to analysts, the release of these two hybrid vehicles will improve the competition in the sales of eco-friendly vehicles between the two Japanese automobile giants.

Honda’s new Fit hybrid will make its debut in the Paris Auto Show this fall season and will be released sometime in 2011.

Insurance For Honda Cars and Honda Bikes

10 Jun

Honda are one of the most popular manufacturers out there and for good reason they make great cars and great bikes. If you have recently decided to buy a new Honda car or bike you are going to need to get it insured. Insurance is expensive and not something that most people like having to pay for but it is a requirement of law.

For the most part car insurance and bike insurance are pretty similar but there are some important differences to keep in mind.

The coverage on your Honda bike will be a little bit different than that on your Honda car. The most important difference covers what happens if you get hurt. Insurance policies on cars will cover you if you are injured in an accident, this isn’t the case with motorcycles.

When riding a bike there is no personal injury cover for the rider unless he purchases it separately. If you plan to carry passengers you will also need to get a personal injury plan to cover them as well (available at great rates in the UK at ).

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