Honda Deauville 700

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GapWim: unitconverters[dot]net 5ft = 152.4 cm 8in = 20.3 cm total = 172.7 cm

marksamuelcohen: @dfraserml11 Thanks for your reply. Found a 2007 BMW r1200gs with low miles for a good price and snapped it up. Just returned from Pittsburgh to a 9 state southern trip, and although the bike handled almost flawlessly, the price for the 12k service is obscene. I really like the bike, but $450+ every 6k is nuts!

I’ll probably get rid of it next year. The NT is now #1 on my list. By the way, the 12k is almost $700. I ride about 12 – 15k a year. That’s considerably over a $1,000, yr

ScottsUtubeWorld: @actond6 Thanks for the info. Dang. those 700’s are expensive, but it sounds as though they’re worth it. I’ll start looking for one. Cheers!

renaat goethuyr: Where did you get the Body Kit ?can you send the link to me.

alex27us: Thx..

marksamuelcohen: I too have had ST’s (11 13), Goldwing’s, and a 1000 Connie. I am strongly thinking of trading in my current ST on a new NT. (I’m approaching my late 50’s and just don’t like dealing with the weight anymore) My quesion is how do you compare the NT vs. your previous mounts for long distance touring. I do alot of Interstates and am a bit concerned with the NT’s capacity to handle long stretches of the slab.


tony nash: i have a dodgy back which is why i went for the NT and can do 300 miles a day on mine at times and never had a problem

shureikanshihan: There is one at my local shop, that is new 2010. I am considering it, I’m in the USA, and there are very few and no after market products available. Is that top box a Honda accessory? If they are available (color coded), that would seal the deal for me.

I’m 5’9and it fits me perfect. Thanks for your time.

alex27us: Dam. this is a good looking Deauville. i dont knnow why i love the white colour on this bike but its fit to damn good on it. sry for my english..

actond6: @ScottsUtubeWorld Hi, I have had a Deauville 700 for a couple of years and love it. I recently bought a ST1300 as I thought it was the natural progression upwards. I’ve had it a month and have it on the market again. I will hang on to the Deauville. I’m 60 and 5′ 8. While the seat height on both bikes is the same, the ST is nearly 50kg heavier.

That’s a lot when you are trying to move it around the shed.

tony nash: for me that is biggest fault in the bike is the look if the lower fairing came as standard it would look so much better as it is to me it looks like bike not been finished off

DUNCAN FRASER: @markozg1980 you can buy lower fairing from OEM MOTOPARTS ONLINE I THINK THEY ARE FROM HOLLAND.

DUNCAN FRASER: @marksamuelcohen The NT’s capacity to handle long stretches of the slab for the NT is NOT a proplem,

Honda Deauville 700

Gerry Stewart: @dfraserml11 larkhall, 2 minutes down the road, been watching nothing but videos of german guys on this bike all day, refreshing to see another scottish guy lol

mehoff jack: those low fairings look completey awesome. Do you know the exact company that sellls them or a website or something? Also, do you know if body style is same in 2010 as it was in 2007?

Also,just curious –do alot of peeps think you are police with the white color.

parker toad: i like your bike it looks realy cool. nice soundtrack

DUNCAN FRASER: @ScottsUtubeWorld I AM 5ft 8in. and its not too tall of a bike,

ScottsUtubeWorld: How tall are you? I’m wondering if this bike might be too tall for me.

philspank1: you can higher and lower the bike as desired.

markozg1980: bike looks great. question: where did you buy lower fairing? Skidmarx or?

DUNCAN FRASER: Picture at 2.30min is not me on the bike its my friend who also has a 2006 black honda deauville, I have in the past owned 5 ST1100s AN ST1300,R1100rt,R1150rt,Pacific Coast, Honda Deauville Nt650v, Kawasaki 1000 Concours,Kawasaki gpz750,

alex27us: Same question about how tall u are. but can u pls in centimeters this time. thx

tony nash: yes you can get the top boxes color coded

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