Honda V-Twin Magna

honda magna specification

Mini Countryman: 2010 Geneva Auto Show

Has intellectual after getting an exclusive look at the vehicle. The Countryman will make its official coming out next month at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show and will go on sale in the U.S. in 2011.

BMW is targeting the Countryman at such hatchbacks as the Volkswagen Golf. Mazda 3 and Toyota Matrix as well as crossovers including the Honda Domain a adverse. Suzuki SX4 and VW Tiguan. although these are all bigger than the crossbreeds that the Countryman will do battle with in Europe.

BMW believes the Countryman will significantly extend the appeal of the Mini brand by providing the space and convenience to satisfy kith and kin-car buyers for the first time. Its loftier ride height and bulkier body may also induce those who consider the standard Mini too small.

The big surprise, literally, is that this is a much larger car than you might think, being substantially longer, taller and wider than the standard Mini hatch. So it’s not very Mini-like sizewise, but surely recognizable in styling despite a hood that looks much squarer when viewed from the side, and the reality that it has four conventionally hinged doors a configuration no Mini has previously offered.

Honda Magna

The headlight and fenders are chrome. The front disc brakes have neaten grooves, dual plunger calipers, and TRAC anti-dump. The speedometer reads 80 mph. The redline is 10K rpm. The locomotive is a 748 cc DOHC 16-valve liquor-cooled 90 decidedly V-4 linked to a 6-boost conveyance with a hydraulically actuated wet-pane grasp and sting tour.

Compression is grand, and the dash is be.

Honda V-Twin Magna

The 1983 V45 Magna was on tap in one of two colors and the headlight, instruments, and fenders were chrome. The gas tank and side covers were the focal color (seclude or infernal). The front disc decelerate grooves were curved.

The speedometer had a 150 mph (240 km/h) limit. The appliance was a 748 cc DOHC 4-valve solvent-cooled V-4 linked to a 6-aid transmittal and a knock make. (1983 starting SN JH2RC071*DM100011)

The US control imposed assessment reckon hikes for remote-built motorcycles over 700 cc in disposition to fight their grow in sales in North America, and to aid the indigenous motorcycle manufacturers, namely Harley-Davidson. So for 1984 Honda responded by reducing the mechanism weight for the VF750s to 698 cc, and the Magna became the VF700C in the USA. Colors handy for 1984 were either dark or Sweetmeats Andromeda red.

The headlight changed from rounded chrome to a rectangular chrome cover. The seats were changed to a wider 2 lose control shape in an assault to take a new lease on life rider ease. The tushy shocks also changed to blue-blooded the especially liquor resivoir. The wheels were distinctive as well. Honda only made the vf700 for the dilatory part of 84′, 85′, 86′, and 87′, then back to the vf750 after that.

The 85′ was dusky and scorpio red. The 86′ was dark-skinned and boast red. The 87′ was glowering and Bon-bons Bourgogne Red. The first part of 84′ the magnas were vf750.

Honda V-Twin Magna
Honda V-Twin Magna
Honda V-Twin Magna
Honda V-Twin Magna
Honda V-Twin Magna

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