Honda Varadero Concept

Honda Varadero 125

i think the shop u refering to is mah motors.

The Varadero series from what i noe is quite road-worthy. my uncle rode his V1000 all the way to golden triangle, thailand there quite a few times liao still not much complaints..

Originally posted by Vahn:

Hi everyone. Yesterday went to this motor shop at serangoon road.They got display bike high high up one. 3 storey bike shop. Just want ask if anyone got any comments on this Varadero 125 i saw at this bike shop yest. Quite big almost similar to Varadero 1000.

Meter read 140km/hr as the top speed only but very comfortable.

hey man, don’t wish to sound like an expert, because i don’t ride the bike, but i’ve been reading up a lot on this bike. kinda interested to get it. here goes:

4-stroke v-twin engine

saves petrol, easy maintenance. think that’s quite clear-cut. goes about 350km for a full-tank. 17 litres including 2 litres reserve (see below)

large fuel tank

top up less petrol, more unlikely to run out of fuel, visit petrol kiosks less.

nice unique look

most people mistake this bike for its big brother, and it’s huge for a 2B bike. taller riders like me would love the higher view and comfort. add a taller givi windscreen and it’s perfect. the higher exhaust pipe (under/beside the seat) is quite unique, comes with a heatshield, so it’s quite unlikely that you or your pillion get burnt by it.

it’s honda

reliable, trustable, quality. kekeke.

original rack for topboxes

comes with a built-in rack, with handles for pillion, so you don’t have to buy a new rack for it. the plate is compatible with one model (forgot which) givi base plate, so you can fit any box on it. but if you want twin side-panniers a la africa twin style, you gotta wait. no box manufacturer has made such stuff yet.

ease of riding

the added height is a blessing, lets you see far. but the seat height is 800mm, so better make sure you fit the bike first, because the rear monoshock is non-adjustable for height (only preload). one more thing is that from an existing user of the bike, you can go up to 120km/h comfortably with a pillion without any vibrations, attributable to the v-twin. no problems riding up slopes with a pillion in first and second gear, haven’t tried third

Honda Varadero Concept

one more thing is the weight. it’s 150kg in dry weight, perhaps this adds to its stability.

farking ex.

$9.5k OTR. kaoz! can buy TZM liao! can imagine how much you’ll lose when you sell it.

lack of users on the road

linked to point above. and it’s a very new bike. released here in mid-2001, impossible to find second-hand. and present users would be too smitten with the bike to sell it. lack of users mean parts are rare = expensive. heh heh. good luck man. and it’s not thai or m’sian made. so parts are going to cost. can imagine how hard it is to get new fairings in a bad buang.

i dunno exactly how it’ll be if you wanna sell it lar. they’ll be people who think it’s a great bike based on its looks and feel, but they’ll be those worried about the above factors i’ve mentioned, but one thing is sure: at $9.5k OTR, sure lose money.

no power

at a whopping 150kg, it’s got only 15hp. kaoz man. even a phantom 2 or SP has almost twice the power. so you can see that the pickup is going to be hurt. quite a bit. but if you’re the easy riding type, don’t mind being chie4 by the sportsbikers, then this is okay. after all it goes up to 120km/h comfortably with a pillion.

on the whole, it’s a very new bike, not very well tested. honda is known for releasing new bikes, and then improving them as they go along.

ultimately, it’s up to you lar. just post if you wanna know more about the bike. i’m very tempted to get this. either this, or a phantom2, or a TZM! hahaha

Honda Varadero Concept
Honda Varadero Concept
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