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Honda XL 700 V Transalp

Almost twenty years, ” Transalp ” cruising routes around the world and without doubt one of the models that contributed to Honda finds itself in the top world producers of motorcycles .

Prototype ” Transalp ” shown in 1985. The engine with 500 cc and the concept of “off -road ” motorcycles.

Just two years later in a production ” grown ” in the Enduro 600 ” cc ” This unit is kept as many as thirteen years, until 2000. when it was replaced with a new volume of 650 cc.

The latest generation of this model suffered a lot of changes. and certainly najpromatnija design changes .

The new look must have left nobody indifferent. whether you really like it or you belong to a small group who argue that term is ugly.

We can. we must say. very liked running away from the ” classics .”

Kept sharp lines that are used in enduro motorcycles here are rounded .

The lateral lines are very well integrated. so you look glides on massive exhaust system that contributes to robust and almost sporty look of this engine. Front light is divided into two parts so that it acts as a wink .

Powered by a two-cylinder. four stroke, water-cooled engine in the “V” arrangement at an angle of 52 degrees .

It develops a maximum power of 44 kW at 7750 r / min and 60 Nm of torque is expressed at 5500 r / min.

To Invert moment ideally deployed Our engineers have built a five-speed gearbox. which is standard for the ” cross ” bikes.

Sitting position is very good, all the controls are easily accessible and there is no inconvenience to those that you feel the first time you ride a motorcycle.

The steering wheel is in almost perfect place, neither too far nor high. and its width allows easy threading between cars.

The tank is designed so that the feet are not too far apart and there is no feeling of discomfort while driving .

The seat for the driver and front passenger is connected to a standard for enduro .

Not too high and has good proportions and ergonomics were only slightly sharper edges .

” Trasalp ” is very maneuverable and excellent balance. and a mass of 214 kg (I to empty the tank ) is not a single moment is not a burden even an impression that its weight is far less .

All power units can be used. and any acceleration at the start or during the ride is very good.

On the open road there is a lack sixth gear. but as soon as you get off the highway and go driving through curves all fall into oblivion.

Safe entry into the sharp curve at full speed contribution and excellent brakes that will not let you down even in a rather ” wild ” ride.

In city driving, he shows his agility and obedience and control. and no crowds through which you can not go and finish first on the scoreboard.

” Transalp ” the engine is worthy of all praise .

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Honda XL 700 V
Honda XL 700 V
Honda XL 700 V
Honda XL 700 V
Honda XL 700 V
Honda XL 700 V
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