Honda CR 80 R2

Interesting Facts About Honda Cr 80

Honda CR 80 is one of the most popular members of the Honda CR series, which rocked the motorcycling world throughout most of the 1980s and 1990s, before Honda discontinued their production in 2008.

The name Honda CR 80 is probably related to the year when the motorcycle model first made a debut into the market, which was in 1980. It was a phenomenal machine in those days, and has remained so for most of its life.

Aesthetically, all the colors that CR 80 comes in are ‘hot’ colors, with the exception white. Those other colors in which Honda CR 80 comes, by the way, include the so-called flash red, the so-called nuclear red, and the so-called ‘fighting red.’ This motorcycle also comes in orange, in addition to white of course, as alluded to earlier.

CR 80 is not too heavy a machine. Weighing just about 143 pounds, it is a machine a strong man can lift up on his hands. In motoring terms, this low weight translates to easy maneuverability and good fuel efficiency; seeing that a lot of fuel is wasted in heavier motorcycles ‘carrying’ around what is in essence useless metal weight. Yet the fact that CR 80 is a relatively light motorcycle does not mean it is not sturdy.

In making it, the engineers at Honda seem to have truly racked their brains, to arrive at a material that combines both the strength and lightness of weight in the package that is Honda CR 80. For a motorcycle of its weight, too, the Honda CR 80 is also remarkably stable.

CR 80 is one that has been designed with the needs of the tall rider in mind – something that seems to escape the designers of other motorcycle models, never mind the fact that most motorcycling enthusiasts actually tend to be tall people. This consideration for tall riders comes in the form of its seat, which towers at more than 33 inches – so that a tall rider can be totally at ease pushing this machine forward.

Honda CR 80 R2

Remarkable too is the fact that Honda CR 80 is a six-speed gear powered transmission machine. At the time when the Honda CR 80 made its first debut in the market, this was a feat a engineering genius, and so it remains to this date; when most motorcycles remain five-speed gear affairs.

The brakes on the CR 80 are based on single disk mechanics, considered a rather safe and efficient braking mechanism. For the comfort of its riders, Honda CR 80 comes equipped with a ‘true’ front and rear suspension, which is considerably refined.

The fuel tank on the Honda CR 80 can take in some 1.5 gallons of fuel, surely enough to comfortably move a person from one town with a gas station to the next, without having to worry abut carrying ‘spare fuel.’ Maximum attainable speeds, from Honda CR 80 are between 70 and 80 miles per hour, which puts it somewhere near the top of the range, as far as motorcycle speeds go.

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Honda CR 80 R2
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