Borile B 500 Cafe Racer

Introducing the Borile

By Pelizza Giovanni

The new Borile Cafe Racer 540

Umberto Borile is the owner of UB Racing, a company that produces and deals with special accessories for motorcycles. You can find there all you need to assemble a silencer by yourself: inox steel, aluminium and carbon tubes, inox steel bottoms, holed canes, steel fixing strips for silencer, sound-absorbent material, special rivets, carbon textures and resins.

Then inox steel tubes for the construction of collectors, tubes of Ni-Cr-Mo steel for frames and 7020 Carpental alloy tubes, teflon tubes and ergal pipe fittings. They also repair old motorcycles with supply of accessories and spare parts and they build and modify bikes for private customers. (For instance, Umberto has built the exhaust system of my Husqvilia).

Last year, during Milano exhibition, Umberto presented his BORILE BT54. I add now Umberto’s words to describe his Thumper (the text of the leaflet):


Because we wished to feel again the thrill and the sensations we felt the first time that we saw a real Motorcycle, a single cylinder four-stroke one. It was beautiful, and beautiful things have no age, and don’t feel the burden of time. On the contrary, time itself increases their value.

In the history of motorcycles, the English school has created a style. A style simple, maybe poor but definitely elegant.

Through the realization of the B54T we wanted to repropose such style, and the result leaves no doubts. Beautiful, without frills, to be caressed delicately. To be lived with. To be dreamt with.

Classic and refined line, modern mechanism.

We absolutely wanted to create a four-stroke motorcycle with separate gear to give her a particular original touch which could bring our mind back to the past. It has not been easy, but at last the new gear box took shape and became a reality. A reality that, together with GM 500 engine outlined a shape anything but modern, a classic, old english look. But, attention, only the look is old: in fact, the engine is an example of technology and essentiality.

The same propulsor, feeded with methyl alchool and used on speedway frames has won several world championships (and it still does). We mount this same engine, a little bit meeker through a decrease of the compression ratio and an increase of the lubricant quantity through an external tank.

The frame is sober, strong, safe, incredibly handy and stable. The tank, the mudguards and the fairings in polished aluminium. Wheels with beams and hubs obtained from an ergal full rod.

B54T doesn’t come from assembling lines, she is assembled by hand. You have to want her, order her and wait for her. When the assembling is starting the client’s name is carved on a silver plate which will follow the whole mounting, from the first screw to the final delivery.

The B54T is not started with a button, you must deserve the sound of her piston through a skilful and passionate pedalling.

On the B54T the mirrors vibrate, the mudguards vibrate, but the owner’s heart vibrates with them. With the B54T you will start a relationship, a change, something like the beginning of a new love.

She is not made for long distances, for neverending marathons, or for outburst to be made with today’s cars on two wheels. She recognizes the hand of her owner, who will never open the gas wide but will accelerate delicately, changing gear with wisdom to taste again the lost pleasure of driving a Motorcycle.

Don’t wait for the new model next year. There won’t be any neither next year nor the following.

This model will be the same as tomorrow’s ones, and all will be exclusive, particular, uniqe. Of course the B54T is not for everybody, just like a Van Gogh, which is hard to be seen and impossible to be touched.

Here, in Italy, in Veneto, near the Euganean Hills, the B54T can be seen and touched, and she is a work of art.

Umberto Borile

Update 11/02/99

Borile B 500 Cafe Racer

Umberto has presented the new and definitive gamut of his motorcycles last month at Milano and Parigi Expositions.

There are the Borile B 500 T (once BT 54), B 500 CR (CafË Racer) and the B 500 CE (an enduro one).

All this motorcycles have very High Tech concepts in a Classic look.

The delay in their marketing is due to the wish of Umberto to design is own engine (the BT54 had a GM engine and a separate gearbox produced by Villa, the manufacturer of Cross and Enduro Bikes in the 70’s and 80’s). The new engine has GM cylinder and head, the Villa gears but closed in a new one blok crankcase and gearbox.

This Autumn the definitive tests for the Omologations for road circulation are scheduled so, in Umberto program, the B 500 T and CR will be available in spring 2000.

In these days Umberto is preparing everything to start the production (area, equipments, human resource, suppliers, financial covering, etc. etc.).

I will send to you the information about the new models ASAP.

Update 11/13/99

As promised, I am sending to you the images of the new Borile B500 CR (Cafè Racer).

This new model is the second one after the Borile B54 T that, in the definitive version, keeps the name of B500 T (Tourism). The B500 T looks exactly like the B54 T that you can see in the Thumper Page, a part the installation of the new engine, equal to the B500CR one.

The Borile B500 CR received the EICMA award (EICMA is the motorcycle international exposition held in September in Milan) as the most beautiful bikes exposed in this year edition.

Umberto is very proud about it.

Borile B 500 Cafe Racer
Borile B 500 Cafe Racer
Borile B 500 Cafe Racer
Borile B 500 Cafe Racer
Borile B 500 Cafe Racer
Borile B 500 Cafe Racer
Borile B 500 Cafe Racer
Borile B 500 Cafe Racer
Borile B 500 Cafe Racer
Borile B 500 Cafe Racer
Borile B 500 Cafe Racer

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