Big Bear Choppers Athena ProStreet 100 Smooth Carb


Forged 3 piece rocker bones, crankshaft, oil pump Evolution style boltom ends HD Rocker C with E-ZRock-R Conversion Chrome Struts and Heartbreaker fender The E-Z- Rock-R Conversion bolts to the stock frame with no cutting, drillingor removal of rear tire. That’s why it’s called the E-ZRock-R Conversion. Giving you that Custom Bike look while retaining the stock 240 tire or even upgrade to a 250.

Heartland USA offers a wide variety of product that fit the Rocker including our 2nd seat options.

Custom Panhead

J amp P Cycles National Motorcycle Museum Bike Build, Part IIf The J amp P Cycles National Motorcycle Museum custom Pan-head is now finished and it could belong to any one of you fine folks out there in V-Twin land. Hell, you don’t even have to be in V-Twin land, but you might not hear about it unless you know someone who lives within its realm. The only thing is that this 1955 replica Pan will have to patiently wait until New Year’s Eve 2009 to be united with its rightful owner.

In order to.

Periodic Maintenance Schedule

The chart below lists the recommended intervals for all the required periodic service work necessary to keep the motorcycle operating at peak performance and economy. Maintenance intervals are expressed in terms of kilometers, miles and months, and are dependant on whichever comes first. More frequent servicing may be performed on motorcycles that are used under severe conditions.

Exhaust pipe bolts and muffler bolts Evaporative emission control system E-33 only Replace vapor hose every four.

Electric Starter

SYSTEM DIAGRAM SERVICE INFORMATION TROUBLESHOOTING STARTER MOTOR STARTER RELAY SWITCH DIODE Always turn the ignition switch to OFF before servicing the starter motor. The motor could suddenly start, causing serious injury. When checking the starter system, always follow the steps in the troubleshooting flow chart page 18-2.

A weak battery may be unable to turn the starter motor quickly enough, or supply adequate ignition current. If the current is kept flowing through the starter motor to turn.

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