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KAWASAKI versys 650

2008/ 2009 kle650-a9f/b9f

Ver satile Sys tem. The Kawasaki Versys 650 for 2008 / 2009. Powered by the already popular and proven ER6 650cc parallel twin engine, the Kawasaki Versys 650 has it all to offer.

The chassis of the Kawasaki Versys is tall with a very upright riding position that gives the rider a most commanding view of the road either in town or through the country twisties.

With very long travel upside down forks and the cast alloy Gullarm type swingarm the Versys not only has excellent ground clearance, but absorbs all of the lumps and bumps that the good old british highways can throw at us.

Kawasaki continue to build on thier reputation for innovative motorcycles. Not only will you stand out from the crowd, whilst seated on the Kawasaki Versys, you will see over them.

Incorporating ergonomics perfectly suited to a variety of riders, the Kawasaki Versys 650 makes optimum use of a compact two-cylinder engine that has allowed the centralisation of mass to reach another level, whilst delivering a sleek chassis that is extremely manoeuvrable and fun-to-ride.

The parallel twin engine although derived from the super reliable ER5 plant is in fact an ALL NEW powerplant. In fact, the Versys 650 engine thanks to a highly modified gearbox is smaller than that of the ER5. This has in turn allowed for a smaller, shorter chassis giving it cutting edge handling.

The fact that the engine is so narrow aids balance and makes the bike feel even lighter than the featherweight that it already is.

Kawasaki Versys

In order to bring more power and torque to the lower area of the rev range of the Kawasaki Versys the profile of the cam shafts has been modified from those in the ER6’s engine. In conjunction with this a balance pipe has been inserted between the two downpipes of the exhaust. The end result – very smooth but punchy from the lowest of engine revs.

The overall aim with the Kawasaki Versys was to produce maximum response from the engine at road speeds of 50-80 mph. (3000-6000rpm).

The exhaust system of the Versys 650 runs under the bike and exits in front of the rear wheel. This as with the engine aids overall bike balance and the feel that there is no weight to this machine.

Cleverly the rear shock has been mounted directly between frame and swingarm without excess link arms, bushes, bearings etc. Helping not only in the area of weight loss, but also reducing maintenance long term.

The fuel delivery system on the Kawasaki Versys is a highly efficient dual butterfly electronic fuel injection system. The first butterfly being controlled by you, the second by Kawasaki’s clever little ECU that ensures smooth fuel/air delivery, thus smooth power delivery.

The Kawasaki Versys 650 offers a commanding, comfortable riding position. The cutting edge handling capabilities of this machine defy the previous statement. Throw a leg over the New Kawasaki Versys and you will want to bypass those A roads, get off the B roads and find the bumpy twisty country lanes where the true joy of this all new machine will be appreciated.

Versatility = Useability.

Kawasaki Versys
Kawasaki Versys
Kawasaki Versys
Kawasaki Versys

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