KTM 350 SX-F

KTM: 2011 KTM 350 SX-F Dirt Bike Motorcycle

In 2006, Stefan Everts was reigning world champion (with a mere 14 victories in 15 Grand Prix) and then he became KTM Race Director.

Back then, he could already see where the future of motocross was heading and in KTM he found an ideal partner for his vision: efficient and maximum practicable performance from smaller displacements in an overall package that’s tailored unconditionally to the requirements of the rider.

4 years or so later, it’s ready: the new 350 SX-F. With a new engine, fuel injection system and smaller displacement, new bodywork, new chassis – in fact, a whole new concept.

What with the first Grand Prix victory and racing to the top of the overall standings in the MX1 class after only two races, maybe even the beginning of a new era in motocross …

Just to make it completely clear: When developing the new SX bikes, it wasn’t a case of making a special bike for a specific rider or a particular track.

It’s all about a unique bike for every track and every motocross rider. From works team professionals to motocross enthusiasts with no professional ambitions.

Whoever claims that’s impossible just hasn’t tried hard enough. Because efficient power development and playful handling are not a question of taste.

You have to give a revolutionary new development some time. Or so they say. We maintain the opposite: If you do your job properly, then you take your time beforehand.

And only push the bike to the starting gate when it is ready.

The new KTM SX bikes took 6 out of 6 possible race wins at the opening round of this season’s World Championships. (The brand new 350 SX-F appears to have been not quite “ready” yet. It only finished second in the first Grand Prix of the new season. But then it won the next.

And the next. And the …).

After 3 World Championship weekends: 9 race wins, 140 laps in the lead and the top places in the overall standings in MX1 and MX2 for riders and manufacturers. Whatever the current season still has in store, it is hard to imagine more convincing proof of the new KTM bikes’ ability to win.

The first thing you notice on all 2011 SX-F and SX models is the completely newly developed bodywork with its super-slim spoiler line. Or the numerous, practical, detailed solutions, such as the grip recesses, protected from dirt and heat, integrated into the rear fender. When you sit on the bike for the first time, you are struck by the perfect knee contact in the area of the fuel tank, airbox and lateral frame tube. What you experience on the first test lap is a whole new dimension …

The spine of the new 2011 SX-F model is formed by a completely newly developed chassis with linkage system. Choosing chrome-molybdenum steel as the frame material offers a whole string of structural advantages over aluminium: It provides more flexible design options, so no compromises need to be made when positioning the fuel tank or other components.

Moreover, chromoly is not as stiff as aluminium and it’s easier to maintain. As if that weren’t enough already, the new KTM frame is also even lighter than the lightest frames from the competition and twoand- a-half times more durable in material-murdering factory use.

DOHC Cylinder Head

Precision power unit engineering: Four titanium valves are opened by twin overhead camshafts, the 8g superlight finger followers are DLC-coated. This extremely hard carbon layer (diamond-likecarbon) minimises friction – and therefore wear – and is one of the reasons behind engine speeds of up to 13,000 rpm.

Electric Starter

A few years ago, KTM proved that an electric starter is not a matter of comfort and convenience in motocross (“comfort” really doesn’t come into it in motocross). An electric starter is simply a useful tool that makes you quicker. And for weight fetishists and traditionalists, we offer the opportunity to retrofit a kickstarter. After all, if you remove the electric starter, you do save 1,500 g.

The most important thing on the track isn’t “displacement”; it’s “lap time”. With the 350 SX-F, KTM has introduced a new displacement into the motocross world championship that, already in the first world championship races, has shown what it’s made for – for winning.

The completely newly developed 350 SX-F engine is an ultra-compact four-stroke with the latest electronic fuel injection system and an electric starter. The lightweight (27 kg), extremely short-stroke DOHC power unit with 57.5 mm stroke and 88 mm bore excels with its very broad rpm range and efficient rideability.

Engine Management System (EMS)

KTM 350 SX-F

The newly developed engine management system from Keihin with electronic fuel injection and 42 mm throttle body ensures spontaneous, powerful responsiveness and handling, along with maximum performance.

The system adapts itself automatically to different temperatures and altitudes, and is equipped with electronic cold-start enrichment. With the optional Map-Select-Switch (PowerParts), additional engine characteristics can be activated at the push of a button.

Furthermore, the User-Setting-Tool provides you with the opportunity to download detailed data from the bike via a USB interface and alter the mapping of ignition and injection individually on a PC.

Balancer Shaft

Every detail is important: The balancer shaft on the right-hand side not only effectively cancels out the inertia forces; it also serves as a drive mechanism for the timing chain and the water pump.

This intelligently designed solution makes a major contribution to the compact engine dimensions of the 350 SX-F.

The new silencer with its voluminous appearance ensures that even future noise-limit requirements are adhered to reliably. Without the slightest compromise

in performance.

Shock Swingarm

The new shock absorber for the 4-strokes has been tuned perfectly to the new frame concept with linkage system by the suspension specialists at WP.

Along with the rebound damping, the high- and low-speed compression damping can of course be adapted individually to every track and rider. The result: the finest possible responsiveness, outstanding traction and no end of reserves when it comes to bottoming out.

All KTM SX models are equipped with the latest Brembo brakes as standard. Together with the lightweight Wave brake discs, the recognised benchmark in matters of application and braking performance.

Swingarm / Rear Suspension

KTM 350 SX-F
KTM 350 SX-F
KTM 350 SX-F
KTM 350 SX-F
KTM 350 SX-F
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