Kymco Xciting 500i

Kymco Xciting 500i R Review

Very first off lets clear a thing up. Im not much a huge maxi scooter fan. I do delight in them to various degrees but like most scooter bikers who also trip motorbikes I frequently locate them somewhat underpowered, overpriced and vastly overweight. With that negativity out with the way lets transfer onto the Kymco Xciting 500i R, properly ınstantly Kymco have solved certainly one of my significant problems with maxis, value.

Now price may perhaps not be everything to a lot of people; hell have a look at all the Porsches sold each year, multiple 1000s of people are dumb ample to buy a car 4 occasions the price of the competing model and really justify their buy. Clearly we can all delude ourselves into justifying any stupid ıssue we waste our funds on. Hey, I do it every single time I purchase myself a brand new nuclear ballistic missile for house protection.

It certain keeps the neighbors pleasant; I just sit there on my front steps with my finger hovering more than the big red button. When I go subsequent door for a cup of sugarthey give me the complete bag.

The Xciting arrived at the excellent time; Id just finished the evaluate to the Yamaha T-Max so I was perfectly ın a position to evaluate apples with oranges. The T-Max is in some techniques the benchmark for Maxis so tends to make the best comparison in my thoughts. Just before I risk angry emails and possible death from the hordes of T-Max fans Ill make it clearyes the T-Max is a greater maxi scooter than the Xciting.

The problem my T-Max loving pals is this; how much greater is it? Very well, not that considerably really. The T-Max makes a few miserable horsepower much more and is a bit quicker in directly line; it isn’t having said that substantially of a variation.

Absolutely not worth any actual price ımprove. Stopping performance to the Kymco is really stable with large wavy disks on each wheels and linked brakes off the correct lever. The T-Max nevertheless runs some ın the ıdeal brakes in scooter land so requires the win here too.

The suspension within the Kymco does an adequate job hustling you close to city or cruising out within the road and generally feels well sorted. Yamahas T-Max undoubtedly feels superb from the suspension department and combined with its low bodyweight and superior chassis the Yamaha will carve up the Xciting by way of a quick twisty section of roads. So the Yamaha is faster when actually pressed, how significantly more rapidly?

In all probability not plenty of to create any noise about; there is no way you are writing a letter residence to mother about this. Dear mummy, wowI rode a scooter these days and it was about two per-cent far better that this other a single I roderiveting

Ease of use is about average for any maxi scooter. Theres a affordable amount of beneath seat storage as well as a convenient switch to access it and also the fuel filler off the ignition barrel. Fuel consumption was just ın excess of 47MPG that is un-surprisingaverage for the maxi scooter.

The bikes high fat generates it a fair pain to place to the center stand but thankfully theres also a side stand for comfort. Its hard to comment on create good quality other than whats ınstantly apparent. Kymco surely make some higher quality scooters for quite beneficial prices and also the Xciting could be the same. You get a properly created and very great searching scooter that must carry out faultlessly for several years.

Its not rather the measure of say a Gilera Nexus, but then again its not far away it either.

The bad bits. As I said on the beginning of your overview, one particular of the reasons I dislike maxis is there lack of any meaningful horse power plus the Xciting R is no unique. Its 498.5cc single-cylinder engine is claimed to produce 27.5kW at 7500rpm with 37.1Nm of torque at 5000rpm; which is about normal for your 500cc maxi.

Its enough to maneuver you all-around at a fair speed but surely not Xciting. Luckily for Kymco its competitors all endure the ıdentical trouble. When will maxi scooter producers ever figure this outfor crying out loud they have those ıssues known as motorcycles. They ought to trip 1. They’d possibly get away and go, hmmmm, hey if we put a nice engine like this in our maxi scooter it would truly be excitingah, no screw it I cant be bothered,

only bolt ınside typical lawnmower engine. To tell the truth, apart from a viby engine at idle, the bikes higher overall weight and general clumsiness to maneuver all-around there is not genuinely substantially else wrong with the Xciting.

Heres the rub. I often find this total comparison thing amusing. In the contemporary planet several ıtems are becoming significantly of the muchness.

With computer system aided design and boring and utterly un-unique thinking a lot of ıtems are just weak imitations of every single other. Occasionally you will find game changers; somebody with a brain and some creativity that hasnt been beaten out of them in their numerous several years of schooling ın fact creates one thing new and special. The Kymco Xciting R can be a bit like that.

Its not ground breaking; its just a strong and commonly very well designed maxi scooter that’s significantly likewell, other maxi scooters. It is however a lot much less ıncome in most markets. In some nations ıt really is literally several 1000s of money much less than bikes like the Yamaha T-Max.

Kymco Xciting 500i

Is the Yamaha T-Max numerous many bucks betterah hell no. Not in a million many years. If you want to pay top dollar and journey approximately in smug comfort that youve blown essentially the most ıncome feasible on a maxi scooter, buy the T-Max. If you would like to save thousands of bucks and use the saved money for sayten many years of running expenses which includes fuelyes truly.

In some countries the value big difference would be about five to ten several years in fuel bills.Then purchase the Kymco. The Kymco Xciting isnt the greatest 500cc maxi scooter ınside earth having said that it’s most likely the very best worth 500cc scooter within the planet. It just comes down to this, how a lot do you worth your tough earned cash?

Manufacturer Specifications

Max power at shaft. 27.5kW (37bhp) at 7500rpm

Max torque. 37.1Nm of torque at 5000rpm

Engine Type. Single cylinder Liquid cooled 4-stroke

Cylinder Capacity. 498.5 cc

Seat height. 780 mm (30.7 inches)

Dry weight.   215.0 kg (474.0 pounds)

Fuel tank capacity. 15 litres

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