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Cars [ edit ]

Current in-production cars [ edit ]

Full-sized cars [ edit ]

Cars and utility trucks of normal size and capable of 100km/h (62mph) highway speed that are currently available.

Bolloré Bluecar operates as part of the Autolib’ carsharing in Paris that began service to the general public in December 2011. [ 1 ] The Bluecar was the top selling highway-capable electric car in France in 2012. [ 2 ]

BMW i3 – Retail sales began in Europe in November 2013. [ 3 ] The electric car is available with an optional gasoline-powered range extender that increases the range from 130 to 160km (80 to 100mi) to 240 to 300km (150 to 190mi). [ 4 ] The U.S. release is scheduled for the second quarter of 2014. [ 5 ]

BYD e6 – Sales to the general public began in October, 2011, in Shenzhen, China. [ 6 ]

Chery QQ3 EV – Available only in China

Chevrolet Spark EV – The Spark EV was released in the U.S. in selected markets in California and Oregon in June 2013. [ 7 ] GM also plans to sell the Spark EV in limited quantities in Canada, South Korea and select European markets. [ 8 ] [ 9 ]

Fiat 500e – Deliveries began in California in July 2013. [ 10 ]

Ford Focus Electric – U.S. Deliveries for fleet customers began in December 2011 and to retail customers in May 2012. [ 11 ]

Honda Fit EV – Production will be limited to only 1,100 units over the first three years. Deliveries to retail customers in the U.S. began in July 2012 and availability is limited to California and Oregon. [ 12 ]

JAC J3 EV – Available only in China.

Kandi Technologies KD5011 – Pure EV, [ 13 ] currently in production and sales in China. Nine other EV models by the manufacturer approved for sale in China.

Mitsubishi i MiEV. launch in 2009, is available Asia, Europe and the Americas, lithium-ion battery pack with 130 kilometres (80mi) range, and a top speed of 130 kilometres per hour (80mph). [ 14 ] The i MiEV was the first electric car to sell more than 10,000 units, including the models badged in Europe as Citroën C-Zero and Peugeot iOn. According to Guinness World Records. the record was reached on February 2011, but several months later, the Nissan Leaf overtook the i MiEV as the best selling all-electric car. [ 15 ]

Nissan Leaf introduced in the United States and Japan in December 2010, [ 16 ] [ 17 ] followed by several European countries throughout 2011 and 2012. [ 18 ] and available in in 35 countries as of January 2014 [update]. [ 19 ] The Leaf is the world’s top selling highway-capable all-electric car ever, with global sales of over 100,000 units by mid January 2014, capturing a 45% market share of worldwide pure electric vehicles sold since 2010. [ 19 ]

Peugeot iOn /Citroën C-ZERO France and the EU, re-badged Mitsubishi i MiEV. [ 20 ]

Renault Fluence ZE. introduced in Israel in 2011 and to be introduced worldwide in 2012. [ 21 ]

Renault Zoe. retail customer deliveries began in limited number in France in December 2012. With cumulative sales of 4,442 units through September 2013, the Zoe is the top selling all-electric car in France accounting for registrations since 2010. [ 22 ] [ 23 ] [ 24 ]

Roewe E50. available only in China.

Smart ED. available for leasing in the United States since early 2011. Originally converted by Zytek from 100 Smart Fortwos. Now on sale the third generation in the U.S. and Europe.

Tesla Model S. deliveries of the 85 kW·h premium limited edition model in the U.S. began in June 2012. [ 25 ] Since its introduction, cumulative sales in North America reached 12,700 units through June 2013, with most units delivered in the U.S. [ 26 ]

Toyota RAV 4 EV – Sales started in September 2012. It is developed in cooperation with Tesla Motors .

Volkswagen e-Up! – Retail sales began in Europe in October 2013. [ 27 ]

Wheego Whip LiFe. sales began in the U.S. in April 2011. [ 28 ] A total of 34 units have been sold by March 2012. [ 29 ]

Low-speed vehicles [ edit ]

These vehicles have a top speed less than many highway speeds, and may not be street-legal without restrictions. They are known as quadricycles in Europe and as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) in the US.

Renault Twizy Z.E. ; a two-seat electric car with a 4 or 13 kilowatts (5.4 or 17.4hp) electric motor. Top speed is 80 km/h and range is up to 100km. Launched in Europe in March 2012, became the top selling plug-in electric vehicle in Europe during the first half of 2012 with more than 6,000 units sold in just three months on the market. [ 32 ]

Columbia ParCar Corp

CityEl three-wheeled EV, produced in Germany. [ citation needed ]

citEcar produced by Road Rat Motors in Gainesville, Florida with vehicles ranging from 2 to 29 passengers. [ citation needed ]

Dynasty EV a neighborhood electric vehicle

Organic Transit ELF a pedal-assisted, electric, velomobile of tadpole format. Manufactured in Durham, North Carolina, USA.

EuAuto Mycar manufactured in Southern China, sold in Hong Kong, limited to roads with speed limit at or below 50 km/h

Global Electric Motorcars, LLC (GEM) quite common in California .

Kenguru – pronounced kangaroo is a 4-wheeled 1-person electric vehicle designed for disabled use: with no seat, drivers drive from their wheelchairs, and enter/exit from the rear door (the only door). The maximum speed of the Kenguru is 45 km/h. Steering is via motorcycle-style handlebar or joystick and a 5-inch-diameter steering wheel in a future model.

It is designed by Hungary-based company Kenguru Car Ltd, and is currently manufactured in USA by Community Cars, after Kenguru Car Ltd stopped manufacturing the car.

Mahindra e2o. launched in the Indian market in March 2013. [ 33 ] range of 100km (62mi) and a top speed of 80km/h (50mph).

Miles Electric Vehicles LSVs for fleet and neighborhood use

Oka NEV ZEV Low Speed Electric Vehicle made in Russia, sold in USA.

Open Since the beginning of this [ when? ] year also sold in Japan as Girasole, with higher speed and wider range as the Open. [ citation needed ]

Star EV a specialist in golf carts who also offers a wide selection of electric vehicles ranging from 2 to 14 passengers. Made by Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. in China (

Twike three-wheeled EV with pedal assist option. Produced in Germany.

Miles XS500 Electric Vehicle Production Electric Vehicle from Miles Electric Vehicles.

Demonstration fleets [ edit ]

Hyundai BlueOn

Mini E from BMW. with more than 500 cars leased [ when? ] for field testing in the U.S. the U.K. Germany, and France. [ citation needed ]

BMW ActiveE Field testing in the U.S. began in January 2012, after the Mini E trial ended. [ 34 ] Available only in select markets. [ 35 ]

Toyota eQ/Scion iQ EV – Toyota announced that the iQ EV/eQ production would be still more limited, to about 100 units for special fleet use in Japan and the U.S. only. [ 36 ] The first 30 units were delivered to the University of California, Irvine in March 2013 for use in its Zero Emission Vehicle-Network Enabled Transport (ZEV-NET) carsharing fleet. Toyota announced that 90 out of the 100 vehicles produced globally will be placed in American carsharing demonstration projects. [ 37 ]

Tata Indica Vista EV

Volvo C30 Electric

Volkswagen Golf blue-e-motion

Cars planned for production [ edit ]

One of the earlier version have passed EEC crash test in early May 2010. [ citation needed ]

Audi A1 e-tron

Colmach type 1 – Roadster/ stainless steel/ In development, to be manufactured in Southern California. [ citation needed ]

Callidai Car – A car created by Callidai Motor Works, Chennai, India for wheelchair users – to drive while seated on their wheelchair. This is a Battery powered car and can seat one more passenger besides the driver. Has a maximum speed of 30 Kmph and has a retractable, motorised ramp in the rear to permit entry and exit of driver and passenger.

Adly Fun Cruiser (I)

There is a first prototype which will be field tested by a customer. The second and final prototype with better performance should be available in the market in 2013. The price is expected to be about Rs. 3.50 lakhs ex-Chennai. [ 38 ]

Detroit Electric SP.01 with sales scheduled to begin in the U.S. in August 2013. [ 39 ]

EDay. An Australian designed electric car to be built in China and released in 2012, for less than $10,000 [ 40 ]

EVTraxer EC homogulated chassis

Electrovaya plans to sell the Maya 300 a full electric car in Canada and USA by Summer 2009 [ 41 ]

Hybrid Technologies [ 42 ]


AFS Trinity hybrid prototype is a modified Saturn Vue, estimated cost $33,000-40,000.

Hyundai BlueOn will be launched in South Korea late in 2012, with just 2,500 units. [ 43 ]

Infiniti LE

Liberty Electric Cars is re-engineering Range Rovers to produce electric 4×4’s that will have a range of 200 miles (320km) and retail for £95,000.

Lightning Car Company is currently developing its eponymous Lightning based on a pre-existing internal combustion-powered sports car, and plans to use NanoSafe cells and Hi-Pa Drive in-wheel motors.

Mass-EV [ 44 ] is developing [ when? ] in Reading, UK by Turbo Electric Ltd. This car is targeted to be on sale 2011 at a price of £7,000 to the public and charges directly from the UK socket. [ dated info ] Roughly the size of a Ford Focus C-Max, will do in excess of 100 miles and motorway speeds. With trailer generator was projected to travel in excess of 500 miles on one tank of petrol. [ citation needed ]

Mercedes A-Class E-Cell

Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive – Sales are scheduled to start in the U.S. by mid 2014. [ 45 ]

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive – Sales were scheduled to begin in June 2013. [ 46 ]

Obvio! 828E and 012E

Phoenix Motorcars based in Ontario, California, plans to build both a mid-sized SUV and an SUT (Sports Utility Truck) with 130-mile (210km) range for $45,000 using NanoSafe batteries from Altairnano. 500 cars are planned for delivery in early 2008 to fleet customers. A consumer version is planned for release in late 2008.

Over 250-mile (400km) range version also in development.

Rimac Concept One [ 47 ]

Quimera GT car – scheduled for release in 2012, the first all-electric gt racing car. The car has a top speed of 300 km/h. [ citation needed ]

SIM-Drive – SIM-LEI [ 48 ] and SIM-WIL [ 49 ] prototypes, 4-seater planned for 2013

SSC Ultimate Aero EV – Planned for Q4 of 2009

Subaru Stella Electric Vehicle – Deliveries beginning in Japan in July 2009. [ 50 ]

Switch Vehicles planned for 2012 delivery as a kit car. Three-wheeled four-seater. Estimated cost $15,000. [ 51 ]

Tesla Model X – Production was initially scheduled to start by the end of 2013, but later was postponed to commence by late 2014 in order to focus on a commitment to bring profitability to the company in 2013 and also to achieve their production target of 20,000 Model S cars in 2013. [ 52 ] [ 53 ] Tesla expects small number deliveries at the end of 2014 with volume production planned for 2015. [ 54 ]

Universal Electric Vehicle Corporation Electrum series Spyder, COM V-3

Veeco RT. a 2 seater reverse trike, planned for 2013 production. Developed in Portugal as a partnership between manufacturer VE—Fabricação de Veículos de Tracção Eléctrica, Lda. and the Lisbon Engineering Institute (ISEL).

VentureOne Trike with hybrid and EV options. Three-wheeled vehicle registered as a motorcycle in the USA. Not required to be FMVSS tested. [ citation needed ]

Venturi Fétish marketed as the world’s first electric sports two-seater. Monaco

Volkswagen e-Golf – Retail deliveries in Germany are scheduled to being in the second quarter of 2014. [ 55 ]

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